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HC Past Series

S6 E25

s6e25S6 E25 (23 Mar 04) : Under Pressure by Paul Cornell

Episode Summary

Heather Palfrey is a 18-year-old with a lung disease that runs in the family, having killed her mother when she was 34 and meaning that he identical twin, Anna, also is suffering from it. Heather, however, is doing quite badly and has recently recovered from pneumonia, but she is now going to get a lung transplant, something that both of them are going to need. Heather does not feel like she is up to it and Zubin tells Tom that it might be too soon after the pneumonia, but Tom feels reassured by the fact that the infection is gone and says that the lungs are a perfect match. Heather feels more and more sure that she is not going to make it through surgery and since she thinks that Anna deserves the new lungs much more, she talks her into the two of them swapping with each other and even though Anna thinks it is a stupid idea, she finally agrees, seeing how much it would mean to Heather. When Zubin is preparing her in theatre, he notices that she does not have any marks on her arms and he understands what is going on. Ed runs to try to find Heather to stop the lungs from getting wasted and finds her in the canteen, where she is trying to explain her stepbrother and Anna’s boyfriend Mark why she did it. They get Heather into theatre and the transplant works well, but later when Anna and Mark are waiting for her to wake up her lungs get filled with blood and Tom and Zubin have to agree that nothing can be done about her.

George’s condition is worsening by the day and Ed is finding it hard to focus. He lashes out and badgers everyone about his father. He has a go at Tricia, who mixes up some blood samples and who tells Heather that Ed is a bit upset because he himself is waiting for his father to get a heart transplant. He also has an argument with Donna, who accidentally drops Heather’s consent form into a paper bin. Donna storms off after the argument and threatens to leave. She admits to being a bit of a drama queen and Kath manages to placate her. Kath asks Tom about Ed and wonders if he is up to working, but Tom does not listen to her. Ed, however, decides to postpone his exams, because he does not feel he can concentrate, but George is furious and Ed ends the day feeling tortured.

Ric is less than supportive while interviewing Tom for the role of consultant and Tom makes some remarks about gambling. Tom states he believes donor legislation needs to be reviewed and is offered the job, marking the beginning of his quest to regain some power.

Ric ticks Jess off for going out on a date with Robert, but she feels he is being overly protective and does not want him to run her life. The date turns out to be great fun, but when Jess goes to buy some crisps at the bar, Robert goes through her bag and removes from her diary the page containing Ric’s address. He is about to touch the keys too, but Jess returns, interrupting his plans. Lisa feels she is being officious when she reproaches Jess and Donna. She feels excluded from the girls and agrees to have a drink with Owen. He tells her he is concerned that Mickie has a crush on him.

Kath is in the frame for a new job as clinical matron. Larry comes to meet her again, giving her a present – a top he thinks she should wear at the interview, but she says it is too trendy for her. He also trains her for the interview, asking her possible question. After the interview Larry meets her and mentions he has booked a table at a restaurant, but she is tired and wants nothing but a long bath and a quiet evening at home – alone. However, she feels positive about the interview, but little does she know that Chrissie has gone for the same job and at the interview Chrissie is true to her style, flirting with one of the interviewers.

Jack Fenton is a man working in dye manufacturing. He collapses at work and is brought in. They found out that he has sepsis and scans show that he has got a tumour in his abdomen. The tumour proves to be malignant and cannot be removed because of its location. Jack is shocked to hear the news and even more shocked when they suggest that it might be because of some chemicals at work. His girlfriend, and the boss at work, Alison, reluctantly admits that they had some of the chemicals left in the warehouse when EU made them illegal and that they could not afford throwing them away. Jack tells her to leave, blaming her for poisoning him and making him incurably ill and threatens to sue the business.

Mickie gets to work on her first birth without any help. She is nervous, especially because Jo Wheeler and mainly her boyfriend Alec insist on going home to give birth and on Jo giving birth without any medication. Mickie tries to convince them that going home would be riskful now that the water has broken, but they are insisting and do not seem to take her seriously because of her age. Finally they agree to stay when Jo goes into labour, but Alec wants things to be done their way: with music playing in the background and without any pain relief, but eventually Jo gets him to shut up and she gives birth without any complications.


Jack Fenton, finds out he has a malignant tumour after collapsing at work

Heather Palfrey, a 18-year-old who needs a lung transplant

Jo Wheeler, a 36-weeks pregnant woman with a troublesome husband

First Scene/words

[Ed is bringing George some things to eat]

Ed: I’ve got cranberry juice. I’ve got bananas, apples and rice cakes.

George: Right.

Ed: And we’ve got a beetroot smoothie.

George: It’ll take more than a beetroot smoothie to make me feel better. Unless you’ve got a new heart in that bag.

Last Scene/words

[Jess brings Robert some crisps and sits down on the sofa in the bar]

Jess: Here you are. Okay.

Robert: Look, a toast is in order.

[Robert gives Jess her drink]

Jess: Okay.

Robert: To friends. And family.

Jess: I could do without the family bit.

[They toast]

Screencaps : S6 E25

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