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HC Past Series

S6 E27

s6e27Episode Summary

Although he does not regret what he did to save his father, Ed has scared the living daylights out of himself by his course of action. Rankin, the lab technician, hounds Ed and blackmails him for money, feeling that he is the first one that is going to get blamed. Ed gives him £500, but when Rankin later asks for more, he refuses. When Ed’s behaviour becomes erratic, Tom pushes him to admit he is being blackmailed. Tom tells him he has committed career suicide and, if it comes out, he is on his own, even though he only a while earlier had said that Ed only had bended the rules slightly, which managed to save the patient’s life. Ed is convinced Rankin stands to lose just as much as he does and uses force and threats to put an end to the blackmail. When Rankin blames Ed for thinking that he is better because he earns more and expresses his anger that his taxes have paid for a murderer getting a new heart, Ed flips and pushing Rankin up against a wall, he threatens to kill him if he ever says anything again. He hurts his hand slightly while doing so, which results in Chrissie getting concerned about Ed, reminding him that last time he was in a fight someone accidentally died. Ed blames her of always bringing up the past and refuses to admit to her that he could be in trouble.

Robert is re-admitted after an apparent accident, but Ric is not his greatest fan, thinking that he is dodgy and that Jess deserves so much better, and is less than kind when treating him. He is also a bit suspiscious about the injury – the wound in his stomach that he apparently got while falling off a bike, seems too clean and tidy and he suspects it might be caused by a knife. The cut requires some minor surgery, but after surgery they realise that his problems are more complicated. Jess, who feels uncomfortable around Robert after turning him down last week, realises that Robert is depressed. He mentions that he thinks it might have been easier if he had been the one drowning instead of his girlfriend. They also quickly talk about them and Robert admits that he was not ready for a relationship. A worried Jess has a word with Ric and when Ric goes to talk to him, he surprises Robert, who is trying to pull out his stitches. Ric has a word with Robert and he admits that he did everything so that he could get to hospital, because he finds being at home all alone too hard to deal with. Robert feels releaved to finally have talked about it and Ric refers him to the psychiatrist.

Tania Burgess is a 17-year-old, who is shocked to find out that she is pregnant. Being in the middle of her A levels and not even being sure who the father is, she makes it clear that she does not want to keep the baby. However, before they get an abortion arranged, she has a miscarriage. Peter Royse, the head of year at her boarding school, comes to check how she is doing, getting caught up in an argument with Tania’s unsympathetic father. Later, Peter admits to Owen that they used to be seeing each other for a while and that the age gap never felt that big, but that he soon realised how troubled Tania was and called it a day, something that she found hard to come to terms with.

Owen is worried that Mickie fancies him and after talking to Peter he feels he has to address it when she asks him for a drink to discuss her work. His resumptions take her totally by surprise because she sees him as old enough to be her father, and they are both embarrassed. Owen mentions it to Lisa, who says that makes Mickie the first midwife who has not fancied him at first, admitting that she once did herself. Meanwhile, Donna has convinced Ed to go out for a couple of drinks after work, to compensate for his bad behaviour earlier on. After subtly taking drugs, the forthright Donna makes a play for Ed and they end up kissing.

Elinor Morton is brought in with hypertension. They soon discover that she has heart problems and needs immediate surgery because of a rupture in a major vessel in the heart. The x-rays also show something suspicious in her stomach and when trying to check what it is, they realise it is a packet of drugs that she apparently has swallowed. She reluctantly admits to her husband, Neil Morton, who is a policeman, that she had been out partying with her old mate Sam and when the Police had arrived to check for drugs she had been holding a bag of cocaine in her hand and she had seen no other way out of it than swallowing the bag. He finds it hard to believe when Elinor admits that she has been using drugs frequently and got addicted, but Tom confirms it, saying that the heart showed signs of prolonged use. She explains that she did not want to tell him about it because of his job, doubting that it would do his career any good if it got public knowledge that his wife is a drug addict. Tom refers her to a drug dependency group and promises not to take the matter any further as long as she gets help.


Robert Pullman, back in hospital with a deep cut in his abdomen after “falling off a bike”

Tania Burgess, a 17-year-old student who has a miscarriage

Elinot Morton, a drug addict who has swallowed a bag of cocaine, causing her heart problems

Mrs Wilson, a random patient Lisa brings down to maternity for observation

First Scene/words

Chrissie: This is Elinor Morton, she’s being transferred from ED, she’s got hypertension.

Tom: BP’s a hundred and eighty over a hundred and ten, that is high.

Chrissie: She’s been complaining about chest pains.

Elinor Morton: Look, I’m feeling a lot better now.

Last Scene/words

[Donna takes some drugs and just as he swallows the pill, Ed returns without getting any drinks]

Ed: It’s very crowded. Should we just go?

[They grab their jackets and get going]

Donna: Oi. You’re not a man who likes to wait for what he wants, are you?

Ed: I guess not.

Donna: Why don’t we… skip the club? I mean, I wouldn’t want to let you think there’s such a…

Ed: Hey, Donna! Just stop talking.

[They start kissing each other]

Notable Facts

Elinor Morton is played by Rosie Marcel, who later joins Holby as Jac Naylor

Nicholas R Bailey guest stars as Neil Morton

Screencaps : S6 E27

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