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HC Past Series

S6 E28

s6e28S6 E28 (13 Apr 04) : When Lightning Strikes Twice by Paula Webb

Episode Summary

Tom, a consultant once more, is determined to boost his and the hospital’s reputation so, when Glen Holiwell, an asthmatic patient, arrives with severe angina, it is the perfect opportunity for Tom to try a new procedure during his bypass operation. They realise that he will not survive an operation unde general anaesthetic, because of his asthma being quite bad, but Tom decides to try doing it under an epidural, a new procedure. He goes to Paul behind Zubin’s back to help with the operation but, midway through, Glen panics and it is touch and go until Zubin is called. Zubin is furious that he was not told but the operation is a success for the hospital, so he cannot complain to the board. Paul is not happy when Zubin blames him for going behind his back, even though Tom had been pretending that he had let Zubin know about it, misleading him as much as Zubin.

Meanwhile, Mubbs and Rosie are living apart and are uncertain about their relationship. When Rosie hears that Mubbs has an interview at another hospital, she realises that she is about to lose him and surprisingly, she is not ready for that. At the end of the day she admits she is in love with him and they kiss. After weeks of flirting, Owen finally tempts Lisa by asking her back to his place and she cannot resist.

Donna manages to impress Ric, when she discovers that Harry Douglas, a hotel chef who they thought might be hiding a food poisoning, actually could be suffering from bulimia, recognising some of the signs from a friend of her who used to be bulimic. He has been vomiting blood and needs to be taken into theatre after serious damages caused by prolongued violent vomiting. Harry and his girlfriend are shocked when Ric mentions bulimia, but later he admits to Ric that he has got a problem. They end up talking about addictions and Ric gets Harry convinced that he needs help and he agrees that he will start by explaining it to his girlfriend. Ric is once again having trouble with his gambling – there is a new drug trial going on, one that they also get Harry to take part in, and Ric is sure that the new painkiller will be the biggest invention since ibuprofen. Ric is keen too buy shares, seeing the drug as a sure success, but knows it is the last thing a recovering gambler should do. Zubin agrees, but decides to buy some shares for the painkiller himself and promises Ric a percentage for recommending it.

Alison Gray is pregnant and comes to the hospital because she is worried – she has not felt her baby move since the morning and 10 years ago, when she was only 19, she had a miscarriage around the same time of the pregnancy. A scan confirms that the baby is no longer alive and she has to give birth to it, something she does not want her boyfriend to be there for and she is arguing with him otherwise too, showing that their relationship has problems. Mubbs gets suspicious because the blood is not clotting like it should and Alison has recently been diagnosed that she might have MS and tests show that she is suffering from APS, an autoimmune disorder that has MS-like symptoms and leads to miscarriages. Alison is pleased to find out that with the right treatment she will be able to have children in the future, but seems less keen about the thought of having one with her boyfriend, admitting that the baby and the possible MS was all that kept them together.


Glen Holiwell, angina and asthma

Harry Douglas, is vomiting blood after injuries caused by his bulimia

Alison Gray, 29-year-old who has a miscarriage at 18 weeks because of an autoimmune disorder

First Scene/words

Chrissie: Would you take that chair down to the office, second room on the left. Glen? Glen Holiwell?

Glen Holiwell: Yeah, that’s me.

Chrissie: Hey, I’m sister Williams. I’m gonna do some baseline obs on you until Mr Campbell-Gore gets down here, okay? And you are?

Francis Hudson: Oh, Francis Hudson, I’m his partner.

Chrissie: Right, you’ve got asthma, Glen?

Francis Hudson: Yeah, it gets worse when he’s stressed.

Last Scene/words

Lisa: What are you suggesting, Mr Davis?

Owen: A few drinks and maybe…

Lisa: It’s the ‘maybe’ I’m worried about.

Owen: ‘Maybe’ I’m famous for.

Lisa: I really should go home.

Owen: You’re tempted though, aren’t you?

Lisa: [leans forward and whispers into his ear] I hope you’ve got a spare tooth brush.

Screencaps : S6 E28

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