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HC Past Series

S6 E32

Episode Summary

After hearing a suitable heart is in the building but is risking getting sent to Glasgow, Ed breaks the rules to ensure his patient, Faruq, receives it. Ed feels very sympathetic when both Faruq and his daughter explain how they still want to have some time together to sort out old differences. When Ed tries to talk Tom into helping the patient, Tom says that his father was a one off and that they now will have to go by the book, but Ed does not seem to listen to him. Realising that Faruq will not get the heart until his state is critical, Ed decides to take the patient off an important drug, knowing very well that Faruq’s heart is still too weak to cope without it. Unknowingly, Chrissie helps him and subsequently arouses Zubin’s suspicions when she questions Ed’s actions, but that is only after Faruq already has received the transplant because he was moved to the top of the transplant list when his condition suddenly got worse. Zubin and Ric confront Ed and Tom, neither of whom says that much, resulting in Ric seeing no other option than to suspend Ed. Zubin does not think that Ed could have made it on his own and vowes to prove Tom is behind it all.

Meanwhile, Rosie is frustrated when Mubbs goes missing for an hour, but when they bump into each other he accidentally drops a box with a wedding ring inside. She says that she hopes it is not what it seems to be and feels uncomfortable when he asks her to marry him as she thinks it is too soon and she lets him know this. She is called away to be by Sami’s side when he is brought in with a hangover and a stress-related ulcer. She feels guilty and Sami makes sure not to miss a single chance to blame her for their divorce, for him being stressed and about to slowly drink himself to death. He also complains that he does not get to spend enough time with the children and tells her that he has never stopped loving her, but she does not want to get back with him. Later, Mubbs agrees that he rushed a bit into things and agrees that it is a good idea not to get married yet.

Mubbs’ decision is made easier when he treats Cherise Patterson and her husband lets Mubbs know that getting married is a bad idea and that things just get worse once you are married. Cherise is 23 weeks pregnant when she comes in for a check up and Mubbs has bad news – she is suffering from cervic cancer. They are both worried that they might lose the baby and the husband admits to them that for him the baby is all that is keeping them together anymore. When taking some tests that show that her cancer already is widespread, she goes into labour and gives birth to a premature baby. The husband realises that he will have to stay by her side and help her, whether he really wants it or not.

Ric is concerned that his work commitments mean he cannot be there for Jess in her time of need. He makes the decision to resign as clinical director to decrease his work load. When he tells Jess about this, she is surprised, because she was sure that he came to find her to cancel their planned dinner. At the end of the day when they are about to leave the hospital together, Zubin catches them because he needs to have a word with Ric. Ric is trying to tell him that no matter what, he is not going to stay, but when Zubin lets him know that Ed needs to be suspended, he realises that he has to stay and once again Jess has to get disappointed.


Faruq Ahmed, chronic heart failure

Sami Sattar, a hangover and an ulcer

Cherise Patterson, 23 weeks pregnant, cervic cancer

First Scene/words

[Ed is running to work]

Last Scene/words

Ric: I lose a patient in the morning, registrar in the evening… How could he be so stupid?

Zubin: Come on Ric, Ed Keating couldn’t do this on his own. It’s got Campbell-Gore’s fingerprints all over it.

Ric: Zubin, there is not proof that Tom is involved in this.

Zubin: I’lll find it.

Ric: And if you don’t, eh? If you’re making an allegation and you can’t make it stick, you realise the implications?

Zubin: Yes, I do, but I’ll make it stick. Ed Keating is a puppet, I’m after the guy who’s pulling the strings.

Screencaps : S6 E32

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