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HC Past Series

6.41 Inside Out – 20/7/04

‘Inside Out’ : Diane’s childminder calls in sick, so she is forced to take baby Jack to work with her. Although Connie warms to Diane at first, she is angry when she discovers that Jack is being looked after by Chrissie on the ward. Connie warns Diane that she must choose between being a mother or having a career. Connie flirts with Mubbs in front of Rosie, leading to an argument between the couple. He later apologises for shouting at her and she decides she wants a reconciliation. Rosie gets Mubbs alone in an empty room and they make up with a passionate clinch.

Mickie feels uncomfortable around Donna, who resolves to repair their friendship, and she is frustrated when Donna gets them tickets to see a lesbian band that night. Donna jokes with Mickie about her sexuality and the two become friends again.

Owen offers to help Diane with baby Jack. Diane feels she must learn to cope on her own but Owen insists that he will support her. She relents and accepts his offer of help that evening.

Written by Andrew Holden

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Screencaps : S6 E41


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