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HC Past Series

7.12 7 Days Later – 4/1/05

Episode Summary

The hospital is a virtual building site after much of it was destroyed last week and ITU is in ruins. Staff are holding a collection for Jim and Alistair’s funerals.

Rosie is sedated in the maternity unit. Mubbs has moved out of the B&B and is looking after her children. Owen gives the baby a scan and reassures Mubbs it is fine. When Rosie awakes she cannot remember the events of last week. Mubbs pretends they are still an item and tells her he has been looking after the girls. Later, when Connie talks to her about the tragedy. Rosie begins to remember what happened to her. Connie tells her that Jim saved her life but died – Rosie is devastated. When Mubbs comes to see her, Rosie is angry, demanding to know why he pretended they were still a couple. Mubbs apologises and says he saw it as an opportunity to wipe out all his mistakes. Rosie is furious and chastises him for the continuous lies. Mubbs tells Rosie he loves her and promises to change.

Connie tells Chrissie to ask Tricia to come to work to ease with the staff shortage. Chrissie tells her that she is nursing Maggie, but Connie insists. Tricia dutifully comes in but leaves early to get back to Maggie.

Will and Chrissie go for lunch, but the canteen has run out of food. Will complains to the cashier who throws him out. Connie later tells Will that the catering manager has complained about him and tries to get him to apologise. When he refuses she demands he resolve the situation. At the end of his shift, Will walks past the canteen – he hesitates, but decides to walk past.

Sean is excited about the baby and asks Jess when she will tell Ric. Jess says that she is not ready to talk about it yet. Later, Ric mentions that Zubin has telephoned from Paris. Jess casually asks what they spoke about. Ric says he wanted to find out what had happened to ITU, but did not ask how anyone was. Sean sits with Ric in the canteen at break time and steers the conversation onto babies, making Ric suspicious. Jess joins them and Ric asks her if she is pregnant. Jess laughs this off but Ric is not fooled. To take the pressure off her, Jess tells Ric that Sean was referring to Leo’s baby, and she reveals the events of last summer. Ric cannot believe he had a grandchild that died without him even knowing and that Jess and Zubin kept this from him – he storms off in a rage. Sean apologises to Jess but she tells him to leave her alone. Later, Sean tells Jess he wants to support her. Jess says she needs space and he says she can have all the time she needs. Donna tells Mickie that she has heard Jess being sick recently and guesses that she is pregnant. She asks Jess if she is sure the baby is Sean’s. Jess asks Mickie for a scan, to check if Sean is the father. Mickie is surprised that she slept with Zubin, but does the test – Jess is nine weeks pregnant. Jess is shocked – nine weeks ago she was in Paris with Zubin.


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