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HC Past Series

7.52 Doing The Right Thing – 11/10/05

Episode Summary

Darwin ward is preparing to be re-opened, however Sabine doesn’t want the ward open so asks Michael to come down to Shoreham Cross and down-talk Holby.

Elderly patient, Jeannine, needs an urgent heart operation. Connie pulls strings to get her transferred to Shoreham Cross where she hopes to carry out the procedure. Chrissie goes with them. Janine, who is in a lot of debt, is unsure of the operation because she thinks if she dies then her daughter will be able to inherit the house and if not, they will lose it. In the end the operation goes ahead, Connie argues with the surgeon about the best way to proceed, but saves Jeannine.

Chrissie is still suspicious of Michael’s activities at the hospital and locates Joy Marshall’s file at Shoreham Cross. She finds no record of VRSA testing at all, which is suspicious and confides in Connie. Together they sneak into the lab, and Connie finds Joy’s VRSA results – positive. However, she tells Chrissie it’s negative. Connie confronts Michael, who owns up to his crimes but she says she will support him. Boss Leighton is to visit Holby to question if Darwin can be re-opened – Connie shows him round, whilst Michael is in a meeting. When Michael arrives later, Connie tells him that Leighton is prepared to be bought off to keep everything quiet. Relieved Michael re-tells Leighton everything that’s happened – then the police arrive. Connie has set him up. As Chrissie sees Michael being taken away – Connie tells her she didn’t trust her enough to tell her the truth.

16 year old Katrina sees Mubbs and Dean at the Family Planning clinic. Mubbs has received back her test results and confirms to her she is HIV. She is oblivious to the implications of her virus and leaves the department without her medication. When she comes back, Mubbs manages to scare her off again and she steals some pills on her way out. They find her collapsed in the hospital. When she recovers, she has a heart to heart with Mubbs about what the condition will mean to her.

Elsewhere, Dean is awaiting his disciplinary hearing. Mubbs is called first, where he lays the blame on Dean for not paging him when the student was in difficulty. When Dean is called in, he covers for Mubbs. Later, Owen tells Mubbs that Dean will be kicked out of medical school, and Mubbs feels guilty. Just as Michael tells Dean that he is suspended, Mubbs rushes in and confesses. Dean did call him but he took two hours to respond. Mubbs is told he must resign by the end of the day and he walks out of Holby, optimistic about what the future might hold.


* Jeannine Campion – ovarian cyst & heart operation

* Katrina – HIV positive

Notable Facts

* Caroline Lee-Johnson plays Sabine Wyatt.

* Stuart Organ (Grange Hill) plays Leighton Peters.

* Michael says to Connie ‘It was a mistake making her Clinical Matron’ referring to Chrissie. Connie gives him a look, ‘And that too!’ he adds.

* As Dean awaits the hearing results, Owen urges Mubbs to be there ‘If you’re going to send a man to the gallows, the least you can do is watch’.

* When Connie confronts Michael she says ‘How much have you been paid to destroy Darwin from the inside?’

* Asked by Michael to support him, Connie say ‘So I have to chose between Darwin and my husband?’

* When Michael is arrested he looks at Connie and whispers ‘You clever girl’. Leighton adds ‘Remind me never to cross you!’

* After Michael is arrested, Connie tells Chrissie ‘See you back at work tomorrow – you’ve got a ward to open!’

* Mubbs last words see him talking on the phone to another mystery woman in typical Mubbs-style ‘You’re not going to believe the day I’ve had…’ he says.

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