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HC Past Series

7.08 Playing With Fire – 7/12/04

Episode Summary

Both Connie and Owen mention Rosie’s pregnancy to Mubbs and, from his response, it is clear that he is not keen on the idea. However, Rosie is overjoyed and tells Mubbs how excited she is to be carrying his baby, making Mubbs feel like he can’t tell her about his feelings. She can sense that something is wrong, but she thinks that Mubbs is worrying about the baby’s health. Eventually Owen forces him to tell her that he does not want the baby. Rosie spends the rest of the day being cold towards Mubbs and at the end of the shift Connie interrupts the pair and it is clear that she has talked to Mubbs about the situation. Rosie is shocked and cannot understand why Mubbs told Connie. She asks Connie what else they have shared and Connie tells Rosie that they slept together.

Meanwhile, Lisa’s last day on her trial as Clinical Matron proves to be disastrous. Everything seems to go wrong, including a sink that starts leaking all over and a computer crashing. Lisa also feels like she is upsetting everyone and is struggling to give her colleagues a positive image of herself, knowing that Connie is planning to ask them for opinions on how Lisa has been coping. When Tricia is tired and struggling to cope at work Lisa tries to send her home, but an angry Chrissie tells Tricia she can stay. Later, Tricia realises she needs to rest and decides to go home. Lisa manages to upset Chrissie further when she tells Chrissie about Diane and Owen’s engagement. Later, when Owen tries to tell Chrissie the news, she says she already knows. Chrissie pretends not to be upset by it, but later Tricia forces her to talk about it and she admits that she still misses him and that seeing Owen and Diane together really hurts.

Both Donna, shocked that she finally has to actually do some work, and Chrissie tell Connie that Lisa is very bossy, but still admit that she is good at her what she is doing. In the end Connie reveals that Lisa has got the job. She tells Connie she will accept the job on one condition – that she can run the ward her way. Connie agrees to this.

Alison Kerman, or Rachel as she calls herself, is 32 weeks pregnant. She is behaving a bit strangely and both Mubbs and Rosie seem sure that she has not been to any check ups. The man who has come in with her, explains that they just do not tell that much because Alison’s husband is not allowed to find out that she is having someone else’s baby. Alison tries to run away, but once outside the hospital she goes into labour and needs to be rushed into theatre for a caesarian, but she has a bad reaction to the anaestethic, because Alison has been hiding information from them. Eventually, Rosie finds out, from a distressed Alison, that the baby’s father is her brother and that they have always loved each other. When she gets to hold the baby, she realises how wrong it is and wants to give the baby away from adoption, thinking of the baby’s future. Her brother wants to keep it, leaving Alison with no option but to tell social services about what they have done.

Kris Thaker and Dean Podd both end up in hospital, vomiting heavily after eating magic mushrooms. Kris’ situation turns out to be worse and he needs surgery because of a stomach ulcer. Diane tells him that he needs to start taking things easy. Realising that his boyfriend Dean is about to kill him with his party lifestyle, he decides to return to his previous, ‘safer’ boyfriend who he has been living together with.

Three firefighters are brought in after a fire has gone wrong. One of them dies of his injuries and while Ronnie Coates only has some small injuries on his arm, his father Brian turns up to be far worse off than they had realised. Connie realises that he has a heart problem, but eventually Tricia finds out that he has been taking steroids too, to help him get more fit again even though he is getting older. Later, after having been told off by his son, he dies, making Tricia realise that it is not always a good idea to try to prove a point and work harder than you can.


Alison Kerman, goes into labour with her brother’s child

Kris Thaker, stomach ulcer

Dean Podd, Kris’ partner, vomiting after eating magic mushrooms

Brian Coates, enlarged heart, has been taking steroids

Ronnie Coates, Brian’s son, burns on arm

First Scene/words

[A patient is being brought in]

Connie: Sean, talk to me!

Sean: GCS six. Hypovolemic, tachycardic, unresponsive.

Brian Coates: Where are you taking him?

Connie: ITU. We need to treat these burns.

Brian Coates: He fell from the first floor, he could be bleeding inside!

Last Scene/words

Rosie: Well, come on then. What have you been sharing with him while I’ve been pregnant with our baby?

Connie: You weren’t pregnant at the time.

[Connie coldly walks away]

Mubbs: Rosie…

Rosie: How could you?

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