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HC Past Series

S8 E11

Episode Summary

The story continues from Part One

As news of the tunnel collapse reaches the hospital, everyone struggles to concentrate on their work, not knowing if their friends and colleagues are dead or alive.Woody fights his way free of the lorry carrying sand, which almost drowned him, and goes in search of help. But Donna, the father and the baby are all still trapped in the car.

Meanwhile, outside the tunnel, one of the casualties confesses to possessing stolen toxic chemicals, which have started to leak into the tunnel. Those trapped inside quickly become engulfed by the noxious fumes.

Woody finds one of the cannisters underneath the car that has the baby in the back. He realises that the only way to save the baby’s life is to pick the cannister up and run the length of the tunnel with it to get it out of the way. However once out of the tunnel, he’s overcome by toxic fumes. As Woody is taken to hospital, he realises the extent of his injuries and jokes with Kelsey about agreeing to date with him. As she says yes, he falls unconscious and the team are unable to revive him in CRASH.

Caroline finds Louis in the hospital car park – he is worried his father has been involved the accident. As Charlie is reunited with his son, Caroline is informed of Woody’s death. Kelsey tells her he died a hero, but she tells her she’d rather he’d be alive than a hero.

Meanwhile, Helen tells Charlie that she doesn’t think either he or Louis are ready for him to be in a relationship yet and they agree, although unfortunate, it would be best to split up.

Donna stays with the father, David and baby, who have been trapped in the car. David tells her he has only recently been given access to his son and urges her to get his parents to meet their grandson for the first time before his ex takes him away. David takes one last look at his son in the front view mirror, before dying. Donna, however carries out his last wish by calling them in.

Tara who now has a piece of debris dangling above her body is desperate not to have her leg amputated. Nick thinks to do another procedure instead, which is a success however she still has internal bleeding. Back at the hospital, Ric, who has been impressed by Nick’s performance, offers him a Locum Senior Registrar position. However, Nick says he wants to wait for a Consultant post and doesn’t think he should settle for anything less.

Tara’s boyfriend Lee is in a ward in need of a operation, however Sean lies to him that Tara didn’t survive, making him adamant that he doesn’t want treatment. Nick reveals the truth to him before it’s too late. Bernie reveals to Tara why the feud began, however Tara says Lee shouldn’t be held responsible for actions of his family and that they are in love.


Injuries from the tunnel collapse;

* Woody – dies

* Helen Davies – collar bone fracture.

* Lee Campbell – has operation for clotting problem.

* Tara Doyle – leg injury and internal bleeding.

* David Parker – dies at scene. His baby survives.

Notable Facts

* Julia Hills plays Caroline Joyner.

* Sarah Winman plays Helen Davies.

* Jack Dedman plays Louis Fairhead.

* Gary Whelan (The Bill) plays Bernie Doyle.

* CASUALTY characters that appeared in this episode are Charlie, Harry, Tess, Maggie, Selena, Woody, Josh, Luke and Sam.

* HOLBY CITY characters that appeared in this episode are Ric, Nick, Connie, Donna, Mickie and Lola.

* Lola suggest chocolate for morale when the team are downcast.

* When Connie is eventually called in, she calls for a courier bike. They ask her ‘What’s the package?’. ‘I’m the package!’ she replies. She’s smug when she makes it to the hospital before Harry.

* After Kelsey explains to Caroline what Woody had done, upset Caroline says ‘I don’t want him to be a hero – I want him to be here.’

* Woody’s time of death is called by Harry at 19.31.

* After Ric offers Nick a Registrar’s position, he says, ‘I shouldn’t be settling for anything less than Consultant.’

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