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Cas Series

S9 E14

S9 E14 (14 Jan 95) : End of the Road by Keith Temple

Episode Summary

Mike returns to the department after a New Year holiday break; Rachel confronts him annoyed that after their Christmas together, he failed to tell her he was going away. She wants to know where she stands.

Matt has left home and is staying at Adam’s house. Ash comes into the department to see Charlie. He asks Charlie to be a character witness at his trial, and says he resents not being able to do his job.

Bev is having an affair with her best friend, Sheila’s husband, Geoff. Bev attends his birthday party at the local Community Centre, leaving her mentally retarded son, Nathan, at home. Two local lads, Lee and Gary, drag him off to break into cars. They release the handbrake of a car at the top of a hill; it crashes into the Community Centre. Bev and Sheila are both injured, but the real shock comes when the boys admit to causing the accident and inform the police that they had locked Nathan in the boot of the car. Nathan recovers, but Bev and Geoff realise they must end their affair.

Dennis Martin, who suffers from Alzheimers disease, is brought in after taking an overdose of his wife, Caroline’s painkillers. Dennis’ sister, Iris, is suspicious and Caroline finally admits that she left the pills out deliberately for Dennis to take, believing that he wanted her to help him die. Jude asks for Ash’s advice on the situation. Meanwhile Dennis disappears from his cubicle. There is a crash outside; Dennis has walked infront of Liz’s ambulance. He dies, but still no-one can be sure whether he wanted to die or not. Liz and Jude both feel responsible.

Alice Moody, an Elvis fanatic, who is down in Holby for an Elvis weekend arrives in A&E with a swollen foot. Eddie diagnoses a skin infection.


* Dennis Martin – Alzheimers patient comes in after an overdose but dies after walking infront of amulance.

* Bev Elliot – chest injuries.

* Sheila Cooper – pelvic fracture.

* Nathan Elliot – trapped in boot of car that crashes.

* Colin – injured at community centre.

* Alice Moody – skin infection to foot.

First Words/ scene

At house, Dennis sits in chair with empty pill jar in his hand.

Caroline is in a cafe, trying to ring someone. Ronnie (Iris’ husband) enters;

Caroline : Sorry

Ronnie : How are you?

Caroline : I don’t know, Ronnie. How am I supposed to feel?

Ronnie : It’s for the best.

Last Words/ scene

Ash : Come with me upstairs, I’ll make a cup of coffee and it will make me feel very useful.

Jude : Are you sure you’re allowed to do that?

Ash : Probably not (they both see Caroline upset) Come on

Jude : Yeah I’m coming

Notable Facts

* David Hargreaves plays Dennis Martin.

* Scott Robinson (Boyband Five) plays Lee.

* Bryan Adam’s ‘Everything I Do’ plays.

* Eddie has new braids in her hair.

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