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Sam Grey Interview

Former CASUALTY actress Sam Grey played receptionist turned HCA Alice Chantrey from 2006 – 2010. Sam recently set up her own online jewellery business ‘Sesame Gems‘ and she talks to us about this and her time on CASUALTY ..

Do you have fond memories of your time working on Casualty?

Very fond memories indeed! It was an amazing journey in my early 20’s. Can’t believe it was over a decade ago. I feel blessed to have been a part of a wonderful cast and crew.

Who do you still keep in contact with from the cast?

I’m in contact with most of my old cast mates although they are spread across the country and some even further away. Social media helps to keep in touch with everyone’s progress.

Do you ever still watch the show now?

I did manage to catch the Covid special with Tony Tee. A raw and necessary account I think we all needed to see.

Do you still do acting work?

No. I ended up taking a full time job running a market research facility.

You’ve recently started a new business venture, Sesame Gems, what can you tell us about it?

Essentially it’s handmade gemstone jewellery. I started collecting crystals nearly 30 years so my home is filled with them.

How did it come about you deciding to start up Sesame Gems?

During the lockdowns, being stuck on furlough and having watched most of the Netflix library, I was inspired by Marie Kondo. I set to reorganising where I found some beads I had bought to make bracelets for a group of friends back in 2013. I started researching as I wanted some bead rings but didn’t like what was on offer so I started making my own.

How has the reiki theme helped to inspire you with your products?

Just handling the crystal beads I felt my hands on fire. Reiki is a universal energy that people are able to channel for healing. I started reiki when I was 15 and finished my Master level just over 10 years ago. It was only natural to infuse the energy I’m able to channel into my pieces, to enhance their healing properties.

What is your favourite piece you have designed?

So far it’s my chakra chain ring (soon to be released). I’ve been testing it as I do with all my products to make sure they last. Chain rings are super comfortable, feel like you’re not wearing anything.

Do you practice or receive reiki yourself?

I practice reiki on myself and my dog mainly. Friends and family too. I did have a couple of clients but it felt odd taking money for it in the end.

Where can we buy your jewellery?

It’s exclusively on Etsy at the moment. I am building an e-shop but it takes time!


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