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HC Character

Sandy Harper

Played by Laura Sadler


S3 E1 ‘The Deep End’ – S5 E48 ‘All That You Leave Behind’

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

Sandy : Excuse me do you know they way to the cardio-thoracic ward?

Alex : Are you our new Darwin nurse?

Sandy : Yeah

Alex : Follow me


Sandy was a sweet natured young woman. She was enthusiastic and dedicated at her job, but was somewhat naive. Fans warmed to her loveable character as she stumbled through life and never seemed to find the perfect love. In contrast to some of the confident and ‘super-human’ staff members, Sandy was human and was easy to relate to making her such an admirable character.

Sandy is immersed in chaos on her first shift in S3 E1 after an infection scare. Sandy admires new doctor Alex’s confidence whilst spending the shift babysitting a patient’s terror child. In S3 E5, Sandy makes a play for Alex at the hospital party. S3 E8, Sandy has a tough time being left in charge, whilst Julie is dealing with her ill daughter. In S3 E15, a patient tells Danny that Sandy fancies him. In turn, Danny tells Sandy that Alex has a crush on her. The staff all go bowling, Sandy is miffed when Alex is flirting with a mystery blond and tells a relieved Danny that she doesn’t fancy him. In S3 E16, Sandy snogs Liam’s best man for a dare before realising who he is. During the day, he continues to pursue Sandy and in the end she pours a beer over his head. In S3 E17, the car park attendant at Holby tells Sandy she needs a permit to park. He offers her a parking permit in return for her coming to his hut after work. She is shocked and throws the permit back in his face. Later she goes to confront him and discovers he has a hurt kitten in there which he wanted her to come and look at. In S3 E23, Sandy gets involved in a drug addict patient’s case. In S3 E27, Sandy supports Julie when they discover Victoria has been murdered. In S3 E30, Sandy takes an immediate dislike to new Sister Chrissie who is rude to everyone.

In S4 E2, it’s Sandy’s 20th birthday and Danny, Liam and Keri take her out to a pub and, later, end up back at Liam and Danny’s flat. Sandy thinks she’s in with a chance with Liam but Liam thinks otherwise. Liam gets closer with a drunk Keri but things turn nasty when she later accuses him of rape. In S4 E5, Sandy is unimpressed when Danny lets Marija and her young son stay at the flat. In S4 E12, Sandy befriends a patient, David, at Christmas. She is upset when he unexpectedly dies before his operation. In S4 E17, Sandy and the new, male midwife, Ben, fall for each other when they meet at a club on the evening before he starts work. They kiss but she is unaware that he is infact gay. In S4 E18, Sandy tries to make a move on Ben, when the staff are out at a bar. The gang watch as Sandy makes a fool out of herself, and Ben apologetically informs her of his sexuality. Sandy storms off, obviously upset. In S4 E21, Ben is expecting his parents over for dinner and he is stressing over telling his parents that he is gay. Ben suggests that Sandy comes to dinner to make it easier to break the news to his parents. Sandy is treating a patient who has lung cancer and doesn’t have long to live. Later Sandy is shocked when Ben introduces her to his parents. His father is the patient with lung cancer. Sandy wants to leave but his parents think it is best if she stays when they break the news to Ben. In S4 E42, Sandy is not impressed when Danny asks Lisa to move in with them. She was hoping for a ‘male professional’. In S4 E44, Sandy, Danny, Lisa and Ben have a drinking session at the flat. At the end of the night Sandy helps Danny upstairs; he is very drunk, and confesses that she wants to be more than friends. Unfortunately, Danny has fallen fast asleep, so doesn’t hear her. Sandy returns downstairs and argues with Lisa, who by now, realises that Sandy is jealous of her.

In S5 E5, the gang hold a fireworks party at the flat. Everyone is enjoying themselves and Sandy is a little drunk. However, just as the party’s getting started, Sandy accidentally starts a fire. There are fireworks in the kitchen, which start exploding and the flat becomes a wall of fire. Everyone gets out safetly, until Sandy realises Ben is still in there. Ed and Tony rush back in to get him, and Ben is rescued, but he appears to have inhaled a lot of smoke. In S5 E6, a seriously angry Lisa tells Danny that Sandy hasn’t been paying the insurance payments, so they can’t claim insurance from the fire. Danny appears to be defending Sandy, but Lisa storms in on Kath and Sandy and gives Sandy a piece of her mind. She says that she’s losta number of personal items. Lisa tells her she never liked her and she’d always thought she was an idiot. Lisa later apologises but arranges a payment plan for Sandy. In S5 E7, Sandy’s having a bad day. She’s having to deal with a stroppy elderly patient, and she confesses to Danny that she spent the night on geriatrics to get more money, and is back on Darwin in the morning – with no sleep! Chrissie isn’t happy when she finds out. Later Campbell-Gore blames her when a patient dies. In S5 E9, Sandy’s love life seems to be on the up – she’s been sent a huge bouquet of flowers from [ID 577]Sean[/ID], a patient’s grandson. He suggests going for lunch, and even accepts to going Christmas shopping with her. Sandy’s embarrassed when her credit card is rejected in a shop, but Sean pays for her. She tells him about the fire and her trouble with Danny and Lisa and he offers to lend her money, and he says that they are going out. In S5 E11, Sandy and Sean are looking like love’s young dream, but his gran is convinced that he’s just using her. Sean wants his gran to sign over her house to him so he can use the money for her care, and Sandy helps to persuade her. Eventually, his gran agrees, but when she asks if he actually has any intention of spending the money on her, he replies that he doesn’t. Sandy wins £250 in Mubbs’ raffle. She wants to take Sean out to celebrate, but he’s just discovered that he can’t spend much of his gran’s money without her agreement. He pushes her into sleeping with him, and then leaves – after taking £200 from her winnings. She wants to take Sean out to celebrate, but he’s just discovered that he can’t spend much of his gran’s money without her agreement. He pushes her into sleeping with him, and then leaves – after taking £200 from her winnings. In S5 E12, Sandy and Lisa are Maids of Honour at Terry and Kath’s wedding. In S5 E13, Sean has arrived on the ward and brings Sandy flowers; she invites him to the New Years Eve party and suggests she might forgive him. At the party, Sean is refusing to dance with Sandy. She looks on enviously at others dancing as Sean makes her leave early. At home, Sean then leaves Sandy to see in the New Year alone whilst everyone at the party continues to enjoy themselves. In S5 E14, Sandy and Danny are at a party for Sean’s friends. Danny’s not having a good time, and leaves while Sandy promises she’ll be alright. Sean’s friend Johnny is hassling him for money, and says that he’ll give him a ‘down payment’ and the pair look at Sandy. Sean puts a white powder into Sandy’s cocktail, and she starts feeling the affects quite quickly. Johnny kisses her and offers to take her upstairs and looks after him, but Sandy’s shocked when she wakes up in his bed with Sean alseep on the sofa. In S5 E16, the guy Sandy drunkenly slept with at Sean’s party, is on Keller for a hernia operation. Sandy’s obviously mortified to see him, and even more mortified when she meets his wife! We learn a little more about Sean’s character, when Johnny describes Sandy as one of Sean’s “spares”. Ric discovers that Johnny may have Hepatitis C. When Sandy sees the results, she confides in Kath that she slept with him and she may have contracted the STD. Kath arranges to get her tested, and Sandy goes to see Johnny to let him know she may have contracted the virus. Johnny tells her that Sean set her up, and she was just a down payment. Sandy’s furious, and when Sean comes to check up on Johnny, she gives him a piece of her mind. She dumps him publically, much to Kath’s amusement. In S5 E17, Back at the hospital Sandy tells Danny about her split with Sean, Danny reckons she’s done the right thing but Sandy’s worried about having no one to go to the wedding with. Danny offers to go with her and get drunk on Chrissie and Owen. Sean later arrives in the department wanting to speak to her. Danny has to cancel their meeting, and Sandy agrees to go with Sean on ‘her terms’. Sandy catches the bouquet at the wedding. In S5 E20, Sean steals from the ward box fund despite Sandy’s attempts to stop him. Sean then gets Sandy to steal from a patient for him in S5 E21. In S5 E22, Chrissie is searching through CCTV footage in an attempt to catch the thief. Sandy is becoming increasingly worried that she will be caught now that Chrissie is on the case, but is under pressure from Sean to steal more money for him. Chrissie warns both Sean and Sandy that they cannot be together at work but Sean still lurks around outside and keeps on bullying Sandy to get him more money. In S5 E23, Sandy is trying to borrow money from Danny to pay back Sean. When an immigrant patient dies, Sandy steals a large amount of money from his person. In S5 E24, Sandy hands Sean £1000, but he still demands more. Danny catches Sandy stealing and she is forced to own up the truth to him. He helps her get the CCTV footage back, so she won’t be caught. In S5 E25, Danny gives Sandy £300 to give to Sean to pay off her debts, she accepts but reluctantly, she later steals a watch from a dead patient. Sean has turned up to see Sandy, he wants the money, she gives him what she has, but he threatens her and tells her it isn’t enough and if she doesn’t get the rest of it by the end of the day then he will go to the police. Sandy looks very upset. Danny catches Sandy stealing again and she breaks down and cries. Danny hugs her, not realising how bad things have got for her. When Sandy next meets with Sean, Danny comes with her and they fight. In S5 E26, Sandy supports Danny after he ends up in a fight with a man who has beaten a patient. In S5 E32, Sandy misreads what Danny says and thinks he is telling her to go with him to Australia. She later realises Danny doesn’t love her or want her to go to Australia unless it’s to visit. She and Jess stand in the toilets as she cries over her own stupidity. In S5 E36, Lisa and Jess both have their eye on new nurse Nic. But at the house warming party, he is interested only in Sandy. In S5 E39, Sandy is upset when she sees Nic getting close with nurse Kelly – not realising they are infact brother and sister. In S5 E42, Nic cancels a date leading Sandy to think he is seeing someone else. He admits he is going to seeing his father’s grave and Sandy offers to go with him. In S5 E45, Alex hands in his resignation. As he leaves, he says goodbye to Sandy and kisses her on the cheek. In S5 E46, Sandy is fed up of Nic not standing up to his sister and their relationship is strained. In S5 E49, Jess opens the door to find a reporter informing her that Sandy has won the lottery. Jess rushes into Sandy’s room to find it bare – Sandy has gone but has left a number of envelopes for her friends with money in. Lisa calls her a ‘litte angel’ for paying off her mortgage. Nic tells the group that Sandy has dumped him, just when he planned to tell her that he was in love with her. She has gone off to Australia to try and make things work with Danny. Despite Nic’s disappointment, the others couldn’t be more happy for their friend. They all raise their glasses and drink to ‘the one and only Sandy’.

Memorable Moments


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