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HC Actor

Sarah Preston

Plays Karen Newburn


BORN : Middlesborough, Cleveland.

HEIGHT : 5ft 4

FAMILY : Her mother works in a cardiac rehabilitation centre. She also has an older brother, Bruce.

PARTNER : Actor, Mark Byron


SKILLS : Piano (grade 5); Violin (grade 5); singing (soprano); ballet (elementary); horse riding; ski-ing; snowboarding; stage fighting

PREVIOUS JOBS : Worked for ‘Spitfire’ installing telephone systems. Also done bar work and promotional work where she handed out free samples of food.

REAL-LIFE CASUALTY INCIDENTS : She fractured her skull at the age of six, when he brother accidentally hit her round the head with a golf club. ‘I was in hospital for over a week and had to spend six months off school. But it was all my fault – I take full responsibility!’

ON CHARACTER KAREN : ‘She is a really strong, no-nonsense character who kicks some but when it’s needed. Karen takes no prisoners, but she does have a sense of humour. She even gives Jordan what for when she turns up.’

FAVE KAREN SCENE : ‘The very first scene I had with Jordan, in the first series, when I confront him about shouting at his patient’s relatives, as he realises to his horror, his ex-wife is back in town. It paved the way for many more enjoyable confrontational scenes.’

HARDEST SCENE TO PLAY : ‘The end scene in theatre with Jordan. I couldn’t stop blubbing for real.’

FAVE CHARACTER IN HOLBY CITY : ‘I would have to say Meyer. He is the most well defined character by far. He’s very cool and gets all the best lines.’

ON BEING A NURSE IN REAL-LIFE : ‘No, it seems like far too much responsibility and hard work to me.. my hat goes off to anyone in that profession. I know I could never be that selfless.’

TELEVISION CREDITS : Pie in the Sky; Tilly Trotter; Holby City; Badger; Where the Heart Is; Murder in Mind; The Jury; The Glass Virgin; Do the Right Thing; Men of the World; Rough Justice; In Deep; Steel River Blues; Doctors; Eastenders; Extras; The Last Detective; Vera

FILM CREDITS : Manchester Rose; Out Done; Eva

THEATRE CREDITS : Jesus Christ Superstar; Sweet Charity; Cabaret; The Magic Flute; The Italian Girl In Algiers; The Pirates of Penzance; Yeoman of the Guard; It’s A Girl; Silus Marner; Our Country’s Good; Phaedra; The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie; Trojan Women.

AGENT : Roxanne Vacca Management, 73 Beak Street, Soho, London, W1R 3LF.


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