Suzanne Packer Interview

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Suzanne Packer is currently one of the show’s longest serving characters having joined the show in September 2003.

Her character; nurse Tess Bateman hasn’t had an easy time in Holby so far; divorce from her husband Mike, and her son Sam’s bi-polar diagnoses aswell as a few of her own life threats. The beginning of this series sees Tess in her most dangerous position yet. Will Tess live to fight another day?

Stern but fair, Tess finds herself in troubled times. Single, feeling alone and after learning of Sam’s recent engagement, she is feeling down on herself. Deciding to have a stress-free shift, almost jinxes it for Tess when she goes to treat her next patient. ‘Tess is really struck by this young girl who is rude and incredibly aggressive,’ explains Suzanne. ‘She decides to take the notion that she wants to talk to her, not only does the girl trash her office but Tess is incessed and decides to leave work on her break and give her what for!’

Tess eventually spots her on the estate after an awkward encounter at the girl’s house with her family. ‘She sees her in street, runs after her, but she doesn’t stop,’ continues Suzanne. ‘She finds her in this demolition site – but Tess trips and falls with horrific consequences’.

The scene is pretty gruesome viewing, Suzanne adds, ‘She’s left there all night with no means of getting off or finding anyone. She tries to call for help but no-one is around. The young lady doesn’t help her at all but eventually in a very odd sort of way all her mates rescue her. They find her phone and manage to track her down but it’s touch and go because she is very badly injured. The rest of the department desperately try to save her life.’



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