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Cas Character

Tom Harley

Played by David Ryall


S8 E10 – S8 E13

Job Title

Locum Consultant

First Words

[Charlie knocks on the office door]

Tom: Come!

Charlie: Mr Harley.

Tom: As in ‘street’, yes!


Tom Harley arrives in S8 E10 as Mike’s Locum. Karen initially mistakes him for a patient, but by the end of the episode, staff have realised that Tom is fun, fair, and a good doctor. He was compassionate towards the patients and understanding towards the staff, treating everyone from student nurses to other consultants equally. His warm nature never failed to put patients at ease and they trusted him and opened up to him.

In his first episode, Tom treats an elderly lady who has found a lump in her breast but is too scared to get it checked out – her own mother died of breast cancer. Tom talks to her and manages to calm her down, and persuades her that she should get it checked out. He also manages to make her see that she shouldn’t have to cope alone and encourages her to tell her partner about the lump – she’d been keeping it to herself so as not to worry him.

In S8 E11, a female member of a religious cult is brought in after falling out of a moving car. She tells everyone that she doesn’t want treatment – that everything is provided by God. Tom talks to her, letting her know he understands her point of view but gently getting her to see his, too. After he’s spoken to her, she agrees to some tests.

Tom also helps SHO [ID 324]Karen[/ID] with her diagnosis on several occasions, staying patient with her whenever she questioned him.

Memorable Moments

Gallery : Tom Harley

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Former CASUALTY actor David Ryall has died at the age of 79. In a career spanning more than five decades, the actor was a...

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