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Cas Actor

Vincenzo Pellegrino

Plays Sunny

BORN : Liverpool

LIVES : Bristol

HEIGHT : 6ft 5

FAMILY : Father, Italian Dino – a factory worker and mother, Sylvia. On his mum, ‘My Mum has to keep changing the channels when she watches Casualty, because she can’t stand to see the blood!’

CHILDREN : One daughter, Hattie (b.2004)

TRAINED : Dropped out of a Sociology degree. Went to Manchester Polytechnic School of Theatre. Introduced into acting by his teacher, Mr Wilson, at Mosslands School.

SKILLS : Percussion skills, juggling, basic combat and fencing skills, strong bass, swimming, cycling, singing voice

PREVIOUS JOBS : Wrapped fridges, picked flowers in Holland, and a life model at Birmingham School of Art – but was asked to leave when he refused to take off his clothes. His first job was a paper round.

HOBBIES : Cooking Italian food, mountain bike riding

WHY HE LEFT CASUALTY : ‘It wasn’t a difficult decision. Once you’ve said cubicle 3 to x-ray twenty times, there aren’t many more ways of saying it, now I want to try other roles, as long as it stays fun, I’ll stay an actor.’

REAL LIFE CASUALTY INCIDENT : I’d been learning judo and after watching me being thrown time and time again and always ending up with a bloody nose, my Dad thought it was time to teach me how to fall. By mistake though, he threw me into the record player and cracked my head open. Dad was horrified by it all, I just remember being fascinated by the hospital, the smell and everything. It was quite exciting to me, but for Mum and Dad it must have been dreadful.’ He also broke his arm when he was 12, trying to impress a girl, by leaping down a staircase.

ON FAN MAIL : ‘The weirdest letter I’ve ever had said, ‘Dear Sir or Madam, I’m a great fan of yours’. I can’t imagine who sent it!’

FAVE TV : Hill Street Blues

FAVE FILM : Star Wars

FAVE FILM STAR : Gene Hackman


FIRST RECORD BOUGHT : ‘The Funky Gibbon’ The Goodies.

FAVE WOMEN : Katrin Cartlidge, Uma Thurman


HOLBY CITY APPEARANCE : Vincenzo plays Sunny in S1 E1 ‘Whose Heart is it Anyway’; S1 E2 ‘Happy Families’; S1 E8 and S1 E9 ‘Staying Alive (Part 1/2)’

TELEVISION CREDITS : Crocodile Shoes; The Bill; Famous Five; Pie in the Sky; Out of the Blue; Lenny Henry Show; Dalziel and Pascoe; Casualty; Holby City; Where the Heart Is; In Deep; MIT; Wild West; Doctors; Tracy Beaker; If.. the Oil Runs Out; Mistresses

FILM CREDITS : The Fifth Element; Peggy Su

THEATRE CREDITS : Robin Hood; Macbeth; Scouse; Road Rage; Solitary Confinement; Closer; Framed!; The BFG

AT MANCHESTER POLI : The Crucible; The History of Tom Jones; A Superior Residence; Night School; Fear & Misery in the Third Reich; Caste; Pisti & The Bloodbath; The Cherry Orchard; Absurd Person Singular; The Fire Raisers; Two Planks and a Passion

AGENT : Jessica Carney Associates, 4th Floor, 23 Golden Square, London W1F 9JP.


* Vincenzo formed a film group with Jonathan Kerrigan, Claire Goose and writer Greg Griffiths.


After CASUALTY, Vincenzo went on to join the cast of Where the Heart Is as Chris Eckersley. He continues to work on TV.

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