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Cas Character


Played by Vincenzo Pellegrino


S12E1 – S14E7

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Tall and cheeky porter, Derek Sunderland, known to everyone as ‘Sunny’ joins the cast in Series 12, provides the department with entertainment with his ready smile and cheery quips.

The first episode he appears in, S12 E1, is a busy one however, with a bomb explosion at a shopping centre. His bubbly personality is shown again in S12 E16, at the Christmas party. Single, Sunny, is also set up with nurse Tina, in the early part of Series 12, it’s a blind date but Tina doesn’t show up – it’s only found out later that she was raped by a patient. Instead Sunny, [ID 332]Sam[/ID] and Tina become firm friends and set up house together. In S12 E22, Sunny’s sister, Karen, is brought in as a mugging victim – Sunny is furious as he is sure it is her boyfriend who has attacked her, and it’s not the first time. He confronts her boyfriend, who goads him by saying he will turn Karen against him. Sam has to intervene and try and calm Sunny down. In S12 E25/ S12 E26, Sunny attends Baz and Charlie’s wedding.

In S13 E8, Sunny aids with a birth outside the A&E department. In S13 E12, Sunny is flirting with a female patient, she gives him her phone number, but he is upset when he manages to lose it! In S13 E14, Sunny accompanies Amy to her ante-natal classes and in S13 E17 she gives birth in a petrol station at Christmas with the help of Sunny, she asks Sunny to be godfather. At the end of Series 13, Sunny is shocked when Sam is injured after being pushed off the balcony of the hospital.

In S14 E3, a teacher admits to Sunny that she hit a pupil after she tried to attack her with a knife. In S14 E4, Nick, who is just out from jail, starts work on a building site but ends up fighting with him. Nick later ends up in an RTA with his brother, his brother dies and Nick gets violent and threatens Sunny. Sunny punches him, Charlie has no alternative but to suspend him. In S14 E5, Sunny and Tina go and see Sam, in an attempt to persuade him to return to nursing. As they all return to Holby, the coach they are travelling in crashes. Sam is able to save the life of a young girl, which confirms his decision to leave. In S14 E7 Sunny attends his disciplinary hearing, however he is unrepentant and resigns.

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