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Cas Character

Big Mac


Played by Charles Dale


S22 E13 ‘How Soon is Now’ – S30 E38 ‘You Make Me Sick’

Job Title

Porter / Emergency Care Assistant

First Words

Mind your backs – coming through!


Big Mac – full name MacKenzie Chalk – is grumpy, overweight and a hypochondriac. He enjoys moaning about life, but he fears being ill or dying and there’s always something wrong with him! Because of his hypochondria he thinks he knows more about illness than the doctors and nurses – and he doesn’t mind sharing his prognoses with the patients either – worryingly for them. Vulnerable Big Mac is lonely and doesn’t really like himself.

Memorable Moments

  • S22 E13 – Big Mac helps uncover the Toxic Shark blogger on his first shift.
  • S22 E30 – Big Mac poses as a solider to impress Kelsey on a dating site.
  • S22 E44 – Big Mac owns up to Kelsey that her soldier boyfriend is not real and it was him all along.
  • S22 E47 – Big Mac’s able to help a patient with his sign language skills.
  • S23 E2 – Big Mac comes to the rescue in a bid to find injured Tess’ whereabouts.
  • S23 E26 – Big Mac foils a robbery attempt when a patient tries to steal drugs in the ED.
  • S23 E29 – Big Mac is arrested.
  • S23 E30 – Episode focusing on Big Mac following his arrest.
  • S23 E31 – Big Mac bids a fond farewell to Kelsey.
  • S23 E44 – Big Mac is targeted by the Malones.
  • S23 E46 – Big Mac holds a gun in his flat as he’s terrified to go out.
  • S29 E11 – Big Mac starts his first shift as a Health Care Assistant.
  • S29 E19 – Big Mac struggles with money problems and takes food from the hospital food bank.
  • S29 E20 – Honey confronts Big Mac when she catches him taking from the food bank.
  • S29 E31 – Big Mac is moved by the plight of a dementia sufferer.
  • S29 E35 – Big Mac has a near death experience and believes a talisman saved his life.
  • S30 E20 – Noel is mugged by a mysterious assailant (Mercedes) whilst Big Mac cowers nearby. Big Mac pretends that he acted heroically but later Mercedes blackmails him to give her cash for her silence.
  • S30 E21 – Big Mac is stressed over the guilt of lying about best friend Noel’s attack.
  • S30 E22 – Noel returns to work to thank Big Mac for saving him. He phones the press wanting to run a story on him.
  • S30 E24 – Noel buys Big Mac a motorbike to say thank you but when Mercedes is brought into the department the truth unravels about Big Mac. Friendship in tatters, Noel says he’s moving out.
  • S30 E25 – Big Mac tries to win back Noel’s trust and turns to painkillers for his bad back and the pain of losing his friend.
  • S30 E28 – Louise locks Big Mac and Noel in a room so they can resolve their differences.
  • S30 E30 – Big Mac steals drugs from the hospital.
  • S30 E31 – Mercedes blackmails Big Mac when she spots him taking prescription painkillers.
  • S30 E32 – Big Mac finally confides in Noel about his addiction.
  • S30 E35 – Big Mac lies to Noel about seeking help with his addiction.
  • S30 E36 – Big Mac struggles to hide the toll of his addiction and ends up stealing drugs from a patient’s bag. Charlie finds out.
  • S30 E37 – Elle finds Big Mac’s stolen pills in Charlie’s locker who is suspended when he refuses to reveal Big Mac as the thief.
  • S30 E38 – Big Mac finally admits to his crimes and decides to quit.

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