S23 E26

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S23 E26 (21 Feb 09) : Blood by Justin Young

Episode Summary

A distraught Alice reveals to Tess that she and Curtis have split up and that she believes it was due to her unwillingness to move to London. A perplexed Tess then gently tackles Curtis about the relationship and tries to persuade him to talk to Alice.

Still in love with Alice, Curtis agrees, but, before he has the opportunity to speak to her, he receives a photo on his phone of Alice, from Tony. In an attempt to convince Tony that Alice means nothing to him, Curtis sends him an abusive message about her – which Tess overhears. Ignorant as to the real reason behind the message, however, Tess warns Curtis to stay away from Alice.

Big Mac, meanwhile, foils a robbery attempt in the Emergency Department when a young patient, involved in a gang initiation test, tries to steal some drugs.Elsewhere, Zoe throws herself into motherhood but still can’t resist returning to work. Although she is late leaving, she still manages to arrive in time to pick up Sharice – which delights the young girl.

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