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Cas Series

S13 E25

S13 E25 (20 Feb 99) : Crazy Love by Susan Boyd

Episode Summary

Max is annoyed with George as her research work is going too slowly. George says she hasn’t enough time and that they haven’t got enough trial cases. She tells Duffy she is thinking of applying for a job at Broadway General which would give her better hours so she could spend more time with Tom.

Duffy notices that Max is tired. She asks him about it and he says she’s the only one who’s noticed. He’s worried about the research; he says George doesn’t realise how vital it is. Duffy asks if it will really make a difference.

Chloe feels sick and has to leave when a patient vomits. She also snaps at Sean.

Tina is upset with Sean, feeling he is not giving her enough attention. He snaps at her, saying he needs support with the Rafferty case (the trial will be held on Monday) and that he’s fed up with her whinging. He later apologises but she says that she feels they want different things. He asks if it’s over, she says it is. Sean makes a sarcastic comment about how it’s really what he needs right now.

Danny, who has a head injury, is brought in by a neighbour Dawn who only knows him by sight. Danny is suffering from amnesia and cannot remember his name or what happened. Dawn stays with him and keeps talking to him. Danny later remembers that he is on methadone and is due some soon. The doctors have to check this out before they can give him any. Danny gives Dawn his house keys to check it out. She is a long time returning and Danny realises that it was pretty stupid giving his house keys to a total stranger. But she later returns and tells him his name and that he lives with his parents – who were surprised when she let herself in. She says they were pretty drunk and she didn’t want to wait for them any longer so she came back. She says they sent their love. “Whatever that means,” says Danny. Dawn says she’ll show him what it means when he’s better.

Billy Traynor goes to the supermarket to see his wife Sylvia, who works there. He asks her for money to buy a guard dog so he can go for a job as a security guard. She says no; she suggests he starts taking his medication again. Billy gets angry and suspects her of having an affair. He storms out and goes back to their flat. There he finds a bin bag full of clothes and ornaments and thinks that Sylvia is planning to leave him. He goes out to the balcony and starts to throw off the things from the bag.

Richie and Dean have come in with their mate who is in resusc after being beaten up. They leave after they find out that the police will be coming to speak to them, saying they don’t want to spend the rest of their days under the witness protection scheme. They drive home, picking up Dean’s mum Frances on the way. They get to the flats and see Billy on the balcony. Francis knows him and recognises the things he’s throwing as things Sylvia has put out for a jumble sale. She tries to get him to calm down then tells the lads to call the police and fetch Sylvia. Billy has locked the door and won’t open it. The police arrive and have to knock the door down. They go in; Billy threatens them with a heavy object. They spray CS gas at him and then handcuff him and take him to A&E. He is suspicious of everyone there but eventually starts talking to Josh, who is doing refresher training. He tells Josh he is psychic and says he knows Josh has a pain inside. Josh tells him what happened to his wife and children. Billy confides in Josh about his mother who committed suicide. He asks about Josh’s family – Josh says he used to be married. Billy asks if she left him, so he tells him about the fire.

Sylvia talks to Charlie about Billy; she says he doesn’t take his medication because it makes him too drowsy to do anything. She says she has thought about leaving him. She starts to cough; she says she has had a cold for six months. Charlie is concerned and asks Sean to take a look; it turns out she has TB. Sean tells her it can be treated with antibiotics. She is worried about her kids getting it and she says she won’t be able to work with food. She is told that Billy will be sectioned; he will go to a mental hospital tomorrow. She goes in to see him; she says she’ll never leave him.

Richie and Dean are DJ-ing at a rave in a church hall. They see the guys who beat up their mate come in. The guys start causing trouble and fighting. Richie tries to break it up but one guy punches him and he’s bleeding. He and Dean leave and head towards the hospital. When they get there they decide to go back, but the troublemakers arrive and they run into A&E. There they beat up Dean; Duffy tries to stop them but gets hit, recieving a small head wound. The police arrive and the guys run. (They are later caught by the police.) Dean is taken into resusc. He is seriously injured; Max has to suture his tongue to pull it out so he can breathe. He is taken to theatre; Eve tells Frances and Richie that he may be scarred but he’ll be OK.

Sean is worried about what Eve might say at the trial. He tries asking her but she just says she can’t say because she doesn’t know what they’ll ask. He tells Max who asks Eve to support Sean; she says all she can do is answer the questions truthfully. Max says he still has another chance to persuade the Rafferties to accept an out-of-court settlement, but if they still insist on the trial even if Eve does her best it might not be enough.

Adam enters the photocopying room as Gary Milton is photocopying something. Gary asks for help; Adam obliges, and Gary leaves without taking the original from the photocopier. Adam picks it up and reads it; he takes it to show Charlie. The paper shows that Gary is not backing Holby A&E as he said he was; he is happy to see them close as long as he will get the CEO post at St. Thomas’s. Charlie wonders if Max is in on it; Adam doesn’t think so and suggests he tells him. Charlie tells Duffy; he says he’s wondering if Max is in on it too and has sorted himself a job at St. Thomas’s. Duffy is outraged at this suggestion and says that Max isn’t like that. Charlie says they’ll just have to wait and see. Gary Milton comes down to the department; Charlie does not tell him what he knows; he tells Duffy he needs to think about it.

Eve gets a Valentine’s card. She thanks Marius for it; he says he got one too and says someone’s playing games. But he then gives her a crucifix on a chain that belonged to his grandmother. He says he needs to talk to her in private – he has something to say to her. He shows her a letter, from Amnesty International. He says he has to go back to Romania as he is needed there; he is going in the next couple of weeks because he says if he doesn’t he won’t be able to leave. Eve asks why; he says, “You know why” and takes hold of her hand. Eve begs him not to go. He says he’s sorry but he has to do what’s right. He says he can’t abandon everything he’s worked for; he says this is more important than anything else. Eve leaves, trying not to cry.

At the end of the shift, Josh and Sunny invite Marius to the café with them for breakfast. He says he has to wait for Eve but Josh says she’s already gone. Marius agrees to go with them but sees Eve waiting at the bus stop as they leave. Marius calls her and runs towards her. A taxi arrives. Eve gets in and it drives off. She doesn’t look back.

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