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Cas Series

S8 E03

S8 E3 (2 Oct 93) : The Final Word by Peter Bowker

Episode Summary

Norma, off from work, is taken to her doctor appointment by her husband Chris – however she gets the wrong day – making her more upset. Mark is told off by his Manager about over budgeting and takes it out on Charlie and Mike. Jane enrols in an administration course. Charlie questions Ash over his resentment of Ken.

Parents, Ron and Sheila and their son, Kevin are angered at their pregnant daughter, Jackie’s lifestyle with her husband, Gary, who works as a showman on a fairground. Kevin, who resents Jackie, for always being second best to their parents, attacks her and sabotages one of Gary’s rides. Jackie is brought in first with cuts to her face, and later after the fairground ride breaks – three teenagers, Sally, Laura and Nick are all brought in with injuries. Kevin, seeing the horror of what he’s caused, confesses all to Duffy.

Wheelchair bound, Ted, collapses outside a factory with his wife, Carrie, who is campaigning that the factory caused his asbestos disease. Ted dies, and Karen tries to support Carrie by agreeing with her theory of where the blame lies. However, Mike angrily tells her, she should be careful what she says as a doctor – and Karen is later forced to retract what she’s said to a disappointed Carrie.

About to go on holiday, Geoff Speight, is treated for severe blisters to his back – and is given a note from Karen to hopefully get a refund on his booking.

Ken invites Charlie to a blues club, he accepts, Duffy sees them leave together – worried Ken has gay feelings for him.


* Ted Springett – dies of lung disease

* Jackie Walsh – pregnant, attacked by her brother.

* Gary Walsh – minor injuries, after ride sabotage.

* Kevin Fisher – hand injury from sabotaging ride.

* Geoff Speight – holiday maker, with severe scars on his back.

* Laura – teenage girl with open right femur.

* Sally – broken thigh bone.

* Nick – arm injury

First Scene/words

A Car advertising fun fair comes up road – Kevin delivering newspapers watches;

Funfair advertiser : .. New rides and old favourites for all the family! Come on down!

In lorry;

Jackie : Thanks, see you later.

Gary : Where’s my kiss? Good luck OK!

Last Scene/words

Duffy and Frankie see Jackie and Gary leave;

Frankie : Nice couple, surprising really

Duffy : What’s that supposed to mean?

Frankie : Well normally you wouldn’t trust a fairground scroat like that to mend your bike would you?

Duffy : Well it just goes to show how wrong you can be doesn’t it? (Duffy then sees Charlie and Ken leave together)

Notable Facts

* Brian Miller plays Norma’s husband, Chris Sullivan.

* The funfair is called ‘Jamesons Fair’

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