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Cas Series

S7 E04

S7 E4 (3 Oct 92) : Will You Still Love Me? by Helen Greaves

Episode Summary

Kate finds £8,000 discrepancies with the hospital budget – Charlie is not happy to spend the shift sorting it out only to find it was a written error. Julian is trying to find someone to play squash with him, after his partner drops out. Nikki comes to see Ash to say their electricity has been cut.

A young boy, Danny, silenced by his mother, Julie’s affair, is brought into A&E with a sore throat. He collapses outside with his father, Trevor, and dies in CRASH. Julian mistakenly breaks the news to Julie and her lover, Mike.

An unhappy old lady, Dorothy, is brought in from a nursing home after a fall in which she suffers a fractured leg. She shows Duffy old bruising, claiming to have been mistreated by a worker, Mrs Partington. Her son, Hugo, arrives, where he finds his mother caused the injuries herself so she could come to live with him.

A teenage girl, Rachel, bunking off school, is hit by a car. She suffers cracked ribs, and Duffy tells Rob he has missed a hairline fracture on her x-rays. While in a cubicle, a fake doctor assaults Rachel – and her overbearing father, Bob, makes matters worse and discharges her from the hospital.

A middle-aged man, George comes in with his wife, suffering from chest pains. Julian diagnoses a minor condition and suggests a larger gardening jacket.

Duffy and Charlie jokily plan to marry if they are both still single when he turns 60.


* Danny – young boy dies of swollen epiglottis.

* Rachel Jackson – hit by a car, cracked ribs and hairline fracture under her eye.

* Dorothy Curtis-Brown – fractured femur from falling and self inflicted bruises to thighs.

* George Whitehill – chest pains.

First Scene/words

In park – Julie and Mike kiss, her son Danny is watching from car;

Julie : I’ve got to go, I don’t want to get into trouble (cuddle) I’m not saying anything to him till we’ve got the keys to the flat, have you got that Mike? (cuddle again) Oh Mike stop it!

Mike : That could be six weeks away!

Last Scene/words

Charlie and Duffy leave reception;

Duffy : Come on let’s get out of here before we both go mad!

Charlie : Right!

Duffy : I tell you what, if you haven’t found the perfect woman by the time you’re sixty, I’ll make an honest man of you! (they shake hands)

Notable Facts

* Michael N Harbour plays Bob Jackson.

* Jesse Birdsall plays Mike.

* Susan Brown plays Julie.

* Peter Wright plays Trevor.

* Eleanor Summerfield plays Dorothy Curtis-Brown.

* Isabelle Amyes plays Mrs Partington.

* John Normington plays George.

* Sandra Nichol is 36 years old.

Screencaps : S7 E4

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