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HC Past Series

7.24 Be Careful What you Wish – 29/3/05

Episode Summary

A elderly man, Des, is brought in after an argument with his neighbours leads to a gardening fork going through his thigh. Also suffering from chest pain, Will and Connie operate on him.

Meanwhile his neighbours who have come in with Des, have problems of their own when the woman, Jan, who is heavily pregnant goes into labour. Mubbs and Mickie are concerned about the health of the baby and after a complicated delivery she has a baby boy. When they are first warned that their baby could be brain damaged, Jan is angry at her husband’s negative reaction and at first pushes him away when their baby is eventually given a clear bill of health.

Jess and Sean go for a routine scan. Mubbs comments that the baby is 22 weeks but Sean insists it is only 18 weeks. Later Sean warns Mubbs not to tell anyone how far gone she is. Later, Jess begins to bleed and is rushed into maternity. She is taken into surgery to stop her losing the baby. During the procedure, Jess has an allergic reaction to an antibiotic but Zubin saves her. Whilst operating, Mubbs reveals that she is 22 weeks pregnant – Zubin looks shocked. When she awakes Jess tells Zubin that the baby is not Sean’s – she lied thinking Zubin would make her have a termination. Jess says Sean will make a good father. Zubin agrees that he will – but not to this baby.

Mubbs avoids Donna but she goes out of her way to ask him for a drink that evening. He makes it clear that their night together was fun, but a one-off. Donna hides her disappointment.

Mark tells Chrissie that he wants to ask Tricia out, she questions whether this is a good idea.

Mickie asks Jodie for the truth about her and Will. Jodie reveals that they were in the rapid response team in Sierra Leone together. Will oversaw a mission which resulted in Jodie being wounded. Will then botched her operation, leaving her with permanent health problems. Will apologises to Jodie, but she is too embittered to listen. Jodie tells Mickie that Will’s father intervened to get him off the hook and to get him decorated. Will tells her that he did not want the medal but had to take it. A tearful Will goes into his office to write his resignation. Chrissie comes in and convinces him that he must stay – she rips the letter up. Will leaves for the day in good spirits after saving patient Des’ life.

Elsewhere, Jodie has gone missing. Mickie spies her in the car park and rushes over. Jodie gets into her car – Mickie tries to stop her but she speeds off and drives her car straight at Will – crashing into scaffolding. The debris covers both Will and the car – Mickie looks on helpless. Can they make it out alive?


* Jodie Maxwell – still on the wards with lung damage.

* Jan Thomas – complicated delivery – has a baby boy.

* Des Mitchum – thigh injury and chest pains.

Notable Facts

* Catherine Walker plays Jodie Maxwell.

* Tricia reveals she once dated someone called Darren Moss.

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