S17 E25

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S17 E25 (1 Mar 03) : Dire Straits by Gregory Evans

Episode Summary

Selina Donovan,arrives in the department to carry out new drug trials. When Selina gets the go ahead from upstairs, Harry is pleased, but Charlie has reservations and thinks it will be disruptive.

Elsewhere, Nikki has to attend a call-out with Jeff, who is his usual annoying self and tries to pull rank at every opportunity. He tactlessly threatens an already twitchy man who turns nasty and holds them both hostage. Things spiral out of control, resulting in a fatality.

Colette breaks the news to Simon about the baby but he thinks she should terminate the pregnancy. Things become clearer when Jane, a prostitute, is admitted to the hospital after falling down a flight of stairs and Colette overhears her talking to Simon. She discovers that Simon may have been sleeping with Jane during their relationship. The staff gossip and Jane, sick of their gawping, discharges herself. Simon chases after her and tells her he loves her in front of everyone.

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