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Cas Series

S20 E12

S20 E12 (19 Nov 05) : Anti-social Behaviour by Gregory Evans

Episode Summary

Abs is shocked to learn that the person he saw being attacked was Guppy. However, he keeps his guilty secret to himself and decides not to come clean to anyone. Meanwhile, Guppy worries that Lee and his gang will get away with it, as the police say they need a witness and have let them out on bail. As he leaves the department, he receives a menacing mobile call.

In resus, Selena notices Ellen flirting with Harry and warns him to be careful. Later Harry is having trouble with his computer in the office. As Ellen enters with some paperwork, she offers to help. As they get closer, Harry moves in to kiss Ellen but she tells him that despite wanting it, it would be wrong and leaves him feeling rather embarrassed. However, as she walks out, she feels very pleased with herself.

A mother, Jo, electrocutes herself and the paramedics are called to her block of flats. Her son, Dom, has a behavioural disorder and the step-dad, Gary doesn’t make the situation better. As Dom becomes concerned over where they are taking her, Gary tries to take him back to the flat. In the commotion, Dom falls down some steps. In the ED department, Maggie treats Jo and is concerned at the length of time she has been dependant on tranquilisers. Meanwhile, [ID 1347]Sam[/ID] talks with Dom and discovers he is very bright and on Abs’ examination, Dom is diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Later, Jo dumps Gary, who has been treating her and her son badly over the years.

At a factory, Ian deliberately drives a forklift truck into another worker, Steve, because he suspects he has been having an affair with his wife. Steve suffers fractures and internal bleeding, whilst Ian has a broken collarbone, after the forklift truck crashes. However, when Ian’s wife, Sandra, arrives, she reveals she has breast cancer and confided in Steve as a friend. Having lost their son to leukemia, she was afraid to tell her husband.

A cyclist, Craig, is hit by a car. Harry and his team are unable to save him in CRASH and is wife, Kathy is distraught. Meanwhile, the driver – 78 year old Jennifer is brought in with minor injuries. She is shocked to learn that she has killed someone, when Kathy informs her.


* Craig Robbins – dies after being hit by a car.

* Jennifer Saville – driver of car, minor injuries.

* Dom Davies – Aspergers Syndrome and fractured arm.

* Jo Davies – electrocuted, minor burns.

* Ian McLean – broken collarbone.

* Steve Holland – fractured rib, foot and internal bleeding.

Notable Facts

* Victoria Alcock (Bad Girls) plays Sandra McLean.

* ‘We have the same sense of humour’ Harry tells Ellen flirtateiously. ‘You mean I laugh at your jokes’ Ellen retorts. ‘Touche!’ says Harry.

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Screencaps : S20 E12

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