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Cas Series

S20 E25

S20 E25 (18 Feb 06) : The Lost Boys by Sian Evans

Episode Summary

Sam is shadowing Luke and Nina in the ambulance. They attend a scene at a railway where two boys, Jason and Ryan. are injured. Sam hears a noise and walks down a verge to find a third boy, Carl, (who was earlier in the department with a broken wrist) now with a broken ankle. He calls Luke on his mobile but they have already left in the ambulance. Sam treats the boy, with Luke instructing him on the phone until they come back for him. It is a life changing experience for Sam, who decides he wants to become a paramedic.

Meanwhile, Harry is still avoiding Ellen. Nina confronts Harry, telling him she saw the pregnancy test for herself, and Harry is forced to concede that Ellen may be telling the truth.

A biker, Robbie, is brought in after an argument with another driver. Maggie treats him for a jaw injury. Robbie is keen to discharge himself but admits to Maggie he has hepatitis b and that he has also been raped.

Nathan apologises to Maggie following Bruno’s recent arrest. Maggie calls in a favour and asks if they can set up a hep b immunisation clinic.

A mother brings in her daughter, Megan. After a fall on a climbing frame the day before, she thinks her daughter may have concussion. Staff find bruises on the daughter and her parents argue and blame eachother, however Megan is found to have a blood disorder.


* Carl Jamieson – broken wrist and ankle.

* Jason Masters – electrocutes himself on railway – dies.

* Robbie Southy- jaw and leg injury, also has hep b.

* Megan Hendry – blood disorder ITP.

Notable Facts

* Ellen is still angry that Harry wants proof, she tells Nina ‘I’m not going to humiliate myself by having to prove this.’

* ‘You can confide in me,’ Selena tells Harry, offering her support.

* Kelsey seems to be the only one who liked Bruno, ‘I’ll miss him – he was a laugh!’. Maggie replies ‘Yeah – hilarious!’

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