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Cas Series

S17 E36

S17 E36 (17 May 03) : Out on a Limb by Danny McCahon

Episode Summary

Bex overhears Jack telling Tony that he is going to propose to Nikki. Unable to keep the news under wraps, the gossip spreads like wild fire through the department. Fin even bets Jack that he’ll bottle out like he did last time. Jack panics, rightly thinking that Nikki might be the last to know. In a brave move, Jack calls everyone together to pop the question. But Vinnay is watching the proposal from the sidelines.

Colette braces herself for the test results, but is shocked when Josh joins the meeting in time to hear that neither of them carries the genes for the baby’s abnormality. Colette breaks down in tears as the full realisation hits Josh. Bitterly upset, Josh throws Colette’s belongings onto the street when he gets home.

Luke is called to an incident at Holby United, his old stamping ground, which reawakens old memories. The past also comes back to haunt Bex when a player is brought into the hospital. Bex reveals that it was the injured player’s vicious tackle which ended Luke’s career in football.At Holby united football ground the team is training up until one player deliberately hacks another leg. A fight breaks out and an ambulance has to be called.

Karen Sparks is on her way to work when her husband phones her up. He says that it’s all over and all she hears in a scream and then the phone goes dead. She is so shocked by what she hears she drives the car into a skip at the side of the road. Nikki and Fin get this shout and as they tend to Karen she informs them that he husband has jumped and that he could be dead. They tell the police who start up a search as they take Karen in to hospital.

Luke has just bought two coffees for him and Comfort after having a hectic shout. They never get round to drinking them as they get a shout to Holby united football ground. As they arrive on scene a group of fans request Luke’s autograph without and luck. They get to the pitch and Luke finds out that the same person, Gilmore, who ended his previous career has severely injured Nobeys leg. Nobey and Gilmore both get taken into A&E.

Meanwhile, a Cliffside rescue is under way after a suspected attempt of suicide was made. A doctor, Chris Cassidy is already on the Cliffside giving his assistance when he demands an ambulance be called.

After dropping Karen sparks off in A&E Fin and Nikki receive the shout to the Cliffside. They arrive to see the patient being lowered by wire and get ready for his arrival on the ground.

As Gilmore gets taken past Bex she flips out shouting at him about how he ended Luke career. Luke comes in straight after with Nobey and tells Bex to leave it. Simon takes over with Nobey and he tells him that he may not be able to play football again. Luke goes into Butch Gilmore’s cubicle and has a go at him and says that he has now finished two careers.

Karen comes back from x-ray and is informed that a man has been found on the edge of a cliff and that an ambulance is bringing him in. Harry then comes over, looks at the x-ray and confirms that she has got an un-displaced fracture to the ankle.

As Jack comes into start his shift Bex gives him a message Vinnay left on the phone for him. If he doesn’t phone him back Jack will be seeing Vinnay sooner or later…

Colette goes upstairs to get her results from the scan to find out if her baby is going to have a deformity or learning disabilities. Josh later comes in and asks for Colette, Bex points him in the right direction and he sits in with the conversation with what’s wrong with the baby. As the doctor informs them of the chromosome abnormality was passed on by neither of them Josh figures that the baby isn’t his. He very slowly gets angrier and angrier until he starts shouting at the top of his voice.

Tony comes in today to see Charlie so he can get back to work as soon as possible. Jack sees him as says that he is going to get out of Holby go travelling and ask Nikki to marry him. Bex overhears this and Jack tells her to keep her nose out and her mouth shut.

Nikki and Fin’s patient is now safely on the ground and they get ready to scoop and run. Just as they’re about to get him on the back board Chris tells them not to as it could lead to further brain damage. After exchanging a few words with each other Fin radios to Josh for help. Josh answers telling Fin to grow up and make his own decisions and not to call him again as he’s of duty. A shocked Fin tells Nikki that Josh has walked off the job and they go back to Chris and the patient. They slowly persuade Chris to let them take the man to A&E which eventually pays off and they get going.

Luke overhears Simons final diagnosis for Nobey and goes after Gilmore ready to beat him up. Dillon restrains him and takes him out to reception to cool off. He then goes back a bit later to talk to Nobey. He tells him that he’s lived the dream and to move on as that’s what he had to do. Nobey seems unconvinced and really upset about the whole ordeal. Unfortunately Luke has to leave him as Comfort informs him that they have got a shout.

Back in the cubicles Roxy approaches Jack and asks him about him if he is really going to propose to Nikki. He confirms it and Roxy goes off to tell Anna and Colette.Comfort gets hold of Colette just before she leaves on her shout to find out that neither Josh or her are carrying the chromosome abnormality. She also gets told that Josh now knows the truth, that she had slept with someone else.Nikki and Fin get in to A&E and pass their patient over to Harry, Lara and Colette. When Fin returns he is told by Harry that his diagnosis at the scene was correct and Chris’s wasn’t. Chris is extremely shocked that his is wrong and Fin tries his best to support him despite earlier disagreements.

As Fin come back into reception with Nikki to get some drinks Bex gets hold of him and tells him of Jacks proposition. He is delighted for her but keeps the secret quite.

Josh leaves the hospital not being able to cope with everything that has happened. In their house he looks at a picture of the two of them on there weeding day before smashing it on the floor.

Luke and Bex take a quick break outside and discuss the good old days, when they were together. Fin then comes out as Bex goes back in and tells Luke about Nikki and Jack.

On the way to taking the injured man to theatre Anna take Karen Sparks in a wheel chair to see him. She freaks out when she looks at him saying that it’s not her husband. Anna consoles her back in the cubicles and gets Todd’s mobile number to ring him. He answers and comes into the department to find Karen. Anna gets the police involved and he gets arrested for wasting police time.

As Nikki gets some supply’s for the ambulance Dillon nearly lets slip about Jacks proposal. Luckily Jack was there to cover it up what Dillon said and Nikki carry’s on with the supplies.

Jacks had enough of people teasing him and nearly letting the big surprise slip so he grabs Nikki from the ambulance and takes her into the middle of the department gathering everybody up to witness it. In reception though is a nasty surprise, one of which Jack will regret messing with- Vinnay. Everyone gathers around to see the prestigious event and after a bit of suspense from Nikki she accepts! Tony appears with non-alcoholic champagne for everyone to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Colette is on her way home and arrives to find Josh putting bags of her stuff out in the street. She tries to talk, explain to him what she’s feeling. He ignores it slamming the door in her face.


*Karen Sparks, 34 in a RTA. Bought in by paramedics with a un-displaced fracture of the ankle.

*Noble Agious (Nobey), 25 involved in accident while playing football. Bought in by Paramedics with compound fracture to his left ankle.

*Butch Gilmore, 29 involved in a fight. Head injury and sight problems. Diagnosed with the retina being folded over, to restore his sight it needs to be put back.Gary Brakston, involved in fight. Badly, bruised swollen and cut hand.

*Anonymous male patient, fell of a cliff side. Bought in by paramedics with a superficial head wound shattered pelvis and fractured right leg. Needed Surgery.

First Scene/words

[Down at Holby united playing ground the team is having a practice match.]

Coach: Ok lads come on down! This time next week we’re going to be immortalised, we’ve got a chance to play the team that will bring Holby united into the premiership for the very first time! Now there’s one of two places up for grabs, so give it your all tonight! May just wear your golden boots, Line up!

Gilmore: Hope you got your shin pads Noble

Noble: Like your going to catch me

Coach: Keep the domestics on the touchline!

Gilmore: Yeah alright boss!

Noble: Boss..

Coach: Ok boys lets see you work it, lets see plenty of passing boys, one touch two touch the lot! Take it son![Gilmore deliberately goes for Noble and hacks his leg]

Gilmore: Lets see how the ladies like that Nobey.[Gary punches Nobey as the coach comes over to see what’s going on. All the lads are shouting at each other]

Last Scene/words

[Colette walks back to her house to find Josh putting her stuff in bags outside.]

Colette: What’s in this?

Josh: Our marriage!

Colette: I have to talk to you Josh

Josh: What about, who the father of your child is!? Oh god you don’t have to tell me.

Colette: You have to know, I need to tell you

Josh: Just get out of my sight

Colette: Isn’t our marriage worth more than this?

Josh: You ended our marriage as soon as you slept with someone else!

Colette: I’ve messed up Josh, I know that…

Josh: I was devoted to you Colette…

Colette: Maybe devotion wasn’t what I needed.

Josh: So its my fault, I loved you too much then.

Colette: No… No!

Josh Oh go tell it to Simon![Josh slams the front door leaving Colette crying out in the street.]

Notable Facts

Nikki’s engagement ring is made of white gold and has three diamonds in it.

*Neither Colette or Josh have a chromosome abnormality, Simon does.

*Luke’s football career was ended by Butch Gilmore.

Screencaps : S17 E36

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