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Cas Series

S17 E10

S17 E10 (16 Nov 02) : Return of the Native by Julie White

Episode Summary

Lara is staying at a guest house, but is told to leave, when press camp outside. On her way to work, she accidentally runs over a dog. Harry, passing by, spots her and helps save the dog, and they take the dog with them to work. The board have told Harry that Lara is required to be supervised and not allowed to treat patients in Resus.

Colette tells Simon that Josh will be doing salsa dancing with her from now on. Roxy sees Duffy and Ryan kissing and spreads it round the department. Tony is annoyed that Jack is seeing their father.

Kirsty Tucker is brought in with a head injury after a fall at work. She tells Simon that she wants to discharge herself as she needs to attend a fertility clinic appointment, so Simon pushes her up the scanner queue. He is called away and Lara is left to treat her, and Simon is angry when Kirsty leaves. However later she is brought back in after collapsing at the airport. She is suffering an ectopic pregnancy. Simon is angry at her partner when he discovers they were selling her eggs in America.

An old lady, Nora, arrives in A&E, confused with cuts to her knees. She is also suffering from dehydration and an infection. Her son, Matthew arrives, but she disappears up on to the roof. Roxy manages to stop her from falling, by luring her down by showing her the dog.

A man, claiming to be Rhys Walker, is brought in after his car hits a wall. He suffers a tension pneumothorax. Heather leaves Lara to sort out his antibiotics but he collapses. They discover, he is not Rhys but Dave Snape, a joy rider – who is allergic to the drug.

After a stressful day, Lara is frustrated at being unable to do her job properly. Tony tries to offer Lara words of support since he was also in prison.

Annoyed at Heather’s incompetence, Simon and Dillon join forces to play a trick on her, on her last day. In the on call room they tie her up. Harry confronts her to say he will give her a bad reference. Charlie sees Duffy and Ryan leave together and wonders why he was the last to know. Lara tries to find herself a room for the night.

Jack and Nikki go to a club. Jack is jealous when Nikki spends the night talking to the photographer, Jay, who took her pictures for the paper. He gets Jay chucked out and outside, Jack punches him to the ground. He runs away as Jay is left unconscious.


* Kirsty Tucker – head injury and scalding. Suffers ectopic pregnancy.

* Nora Linton – cuts to knees, infection and dehydration.

* Dave Snape – car accident

* Mike Dextor – cut thigh

First Scene/ words

Lara is staying at a hotel, getting ready for work – there’s a knock at her door;

Lara : Hang on

Landlady : There’s reporters outside. You should have said who you were when you when you checked in

Lara : I did

Landlady : I told them you’d already left, sorry

Last Scene/ words

Jay : That’s what wound you up isn’t it? Good kisser too, I’ll look forward to more of that.

Jack : OK, OK (hits him and he falls) Hey! Oi oi, get up oi! Come on I didn’t hit you that hard. Oi oi, oh man (runs off behind a wall, two people find Jay and Jack runs off)

Notable Facts

* Philip Martin Brown plays Eddie Vincent

* Lara stays at Bronwyn’s Guest House

Screencaps : S17 E10

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