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Cas Series

S17 E05

S17 E5 (12 Oct 02) : What Little Girls Are Made Of by Jo O’Keefe

Episode Summary

Nikki is in the local paper, awarded for her bravery. Jack comes to visit her on his day off. In the ambulance, Nikki and Comfort get a shout to a fight on an estate. A worried Jack refuses to leave the ambulance and goes on the call with them. They arrive to a group of girls fighting; Shonagh has a head wound. Jack decides to interfere to break up the fight but makes the situation worse when another girl, Carmelle, takes out a gun. The paramedics, Jack and Shonagh retreat to the ambulance and head off to A&E. The paramedics are furious with Jack’s actions and drop him off halfway. Later, Kelly, another girl from the fight is brought in after being shot.

After a holiday abroad, 13 years old Jodie collapses outside the airport with stomach pains. Shonagh befriends her. Simon and Duffy discover she is pregnant, and while her parents are more interested in arguing and hanging out at the pub, Jodie’s condition worsens and she dies. Ryan has to drag the parents away from the pub so that Simon can give them the bad news. Shonagh is upset and when Carmelle comes looking for her, wanting them to runaway together, she refuses, realising life is too short.

A small boy, Robbie, is brought in by his father, Johnny. Heather first fobs off Colette’s concerns with asthma, but Colette fears worse and calls Harry down. Harry discovers he has a worse condition involving his epiglottis. Colette is angry with Heather trying to use her as a scapegoat.

Roxy finding motherhood difficult, leaves Nicole to cry while she slips outside for a break. Jack arrives at the house and discovers Nicole crying. Roxy thanks him for helping. Nikki returns from work, and angry at Jack’s behaviour earlier, dumps him and asks him to leave.

Ryan and Duffy chat outside, about coping with death. Josh is still frosty towards Colette.

Lara finds her cell mate, Amber, collapsed after attempting suicide. At first she is frozen, unable to help, but eventually resuscitates her back to life. Dillon pays Lara an emotional visit. She feels unable to cope but Dillon tells her not to give up hope.


* Jodie McAllister – pregnant 13 yr old, dies from blood clot

* Shonagh Price – head injury from fight

* Kelly – gun shot wound

* Robbie Broadbent – boy with problems to his epiglottis

First Scene/ words

A patient sings while Simon and Colette dance, Anna enter cubicle:

Anna : Oh carry on, don’t mind me!

Colette : He was just giving us some tips before the local anaesthetic kicks in! (Josh enters)

Josh : Sorry to break up the party, cubicle 2

Last Scene/ words

Outside Heather’s house;

Heather : Coming in for coffee?

Simon : No thanks, I’ll get a cab

Heather : You can always call one from here

Simon : Erm, nah I better go

Heather : There’s always the sofa

Simon : Is that the best you can offer?

Heather : Depends

Simon : On: (They kiss and head inside)

Screencaps : S17 E5

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