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Cas Series

S9 E13

S9 E13 (24 Dec 94) : Talking Turkey by Lilie Ferrari

Episode Summary

It’s Christmas Eve in Holby, while Adam is happy that his ex-wife Emma and daughter are spending Christmas with him; Mike faces Christmas alone after his estranged wife Anne has decided not to return home for the festivities.

Charlie phones Ash and asks him to come to the staff Xmas party after shift; he doesn’t think Ash will come. Meanwhile Rachel tells Mike, she’ll go to the party only if he does.

Janice Draper, the overweight daughter of a turkey farmer, collapses while doing aerobics. At Holby, she is found to be in labour and she gives birth to a baby girl, Holly. Her father, Bob, is furious and rushes back to the farm to confront her boyfriend, Terry. He loses control and pushes Terry on to some farm machinery, which gashes his eye. Janice is angry with his father, who is contrite; but Terry doesn’t bear a grudge. Eventually the whole family – dubbed by Charlie ‘the family from hell’ are moved up to the Maternity ward. Bob goes back to his vehicle and fetches a plucked turkey as a thank you gift to the staff.

Angela Carlisle is found under a signal box on a railway line being violently sick. At first she is quiet, and Eddie and Adam quickly deduce she is bulimic. When her parents arrive, Charlie finds an underlying tension and discovers that Angela’s sister, Lindsay, was killed while playing on the railway line 8 years ago; Angela has always blamed herself and her parents have never been able to come to terms with the tragedy. The mother recognises Charlie from being there when Lindsay was brought in but an apologetic Charlie tells them with so many accidents he doesn’t remember the case. Angela and her father visit her grave.

John Milligan and his colleague, Tracy, come into A&E with two brothers who are fatally injured in a RTA; they had both been drinking and Mike faces telling their parents. Kate knows John from when her husband worked on the force. John has been having an affair with Tracy and plans to tell his wife after Christmas; Kate suspects the affair. Later, a number of police officers are brought in with food poisening after their staff party. John also comes in with abdominal pains, and collapses but is discovered to have serious bowel problems requiring immediate surgery. However John dies in CRASH before getting to the operating theatre. When John’s wife, Penny arrives – Tracy visits her but decides not to tell her about the affair and instead tells her that he loved his wife.

At the hospital staff party, Ash decides to come to the party but feels a little uncomfortable. Eddie makes a quick exit. Meanwhile after Rachel and Mike have become close during shift, Rachel decides to ask him for a drink. Mike hesitates as he had agreed to go on a pub crawl with Charlie, embarrassing Rachel who then rushes to leave. Mike finds her outside and says he’d love to still go for a drink with her; she says she’s gone off the idea of a drink and suggest going back to hers for dinner instead. He agrees and Rachel grabs the turkey from reception and heads home.


* Two brothers – die in RTA.

* John Milligan – dies from serious bowel problems.

* Angela Carlisle – bulimia.

* Janice Draper – gives birth to baby girl unknowing she was pregnant.

* Terry – gashes eye on farm machinary.

First Words/ scene

Ambulance pulls up in bay and staff go to assist;

Josh : RTA happened about an hour ago, 1 male, 18, unconscious throughout, query pneumothorax… ok, down we go nice and gently… intubated, oxygen therapy, two units of gelofusine.

Last Words/ scene


Ash : You coming Matt?

Matt : Yeah just waiting for reinforcements (others walk outside)

Ash : So where’s Mike? (Charlie sees Mike and Rachel in car)

Charlie : I.. dy’know think he’s made other plans!

Memorable Quotes

Matt : Oh nurse! (waves mistletoe at Jude)

Jude : I’d rather kiss Virginia Bottomley!

Notable Facts

* Jude planned to have an anti-Xmas party the following day.

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