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Cas Series

S15 E14

S15 E14 (2 Dec 00) : Coming Clean by Patrick Melanaph

Episode Summary

Duffy is feeling unwell and obviously has something on her mind. She is sick on her way to work with Andrew. She is irritable and snappy all day at work. Andrew tells her that he is worried about her. Colette is concerned too and asks how she is. Duffy says she’s fine, but it is apparent that she is not.

Spencer is hanging up Christmas decorations in Reception. Patrick asks Barney to help him, but he refuses. Spencer leans too far forward on the ladder and falls off, breaking the Christmas lights. He has cut his arm. Duffy asks Barney to see to Spencer. He is obvioulsy reluctant, but does as he is asked. Spencer attempts a conversation, but Barney isn’t interested. They eventually start discussing Christmas and Spencer tells Barney that he doesn’t see his children anymore. He says it’s his own fault because he never stopped to think of the consequences when he was drinking. He tells Barney that he isn’t looking forward to Christmas and thinking about his drinking and all the things he did to people. Barney asks if it’s too late to undo the damage. Spencer replies that it is, but now he understands what it’s like to be on the receiving end, and tells Barney he knows how he feels. Barney is outraged that Spencer knows about his father and asks who told him. Chloe hears the shouting and enters the cubicle to see what the noise is. Barney immediately turns on her and tells her to go and spread her gossip somewhere else. Spencer tells Barney to calm down, but Barney tries to punch him. Spencer manages to grab his arm and hold him. They start fighting in the cubicle. Patrick walks in and demands to know what is going on. Both Spencer and Patrick tell Barney to take it easy. Barney tells Patrick he doesn’t know why he’s protecting Spencer. Patrick says Barney’s the one who needs protecting, he could get himself hurt or in serious trouble. Barney flies off the handle and kicks over the tray of instruments. Duffy is walking past and hears the crash. She rushes into the cubicle and insists on knowing what’s going on. Spencer tells her it was an accident. Duffy tells them she wants to see them both in Charlie’s office before they go home, saying that she’ll get to the bottom of it. Spencer refuses to tell Duffy what happened with Barney. He says it was an accident and he knocked the tray over with his elbow. Patrick enters the office and Duffy asks him to shed some light on the fight. Patrick says he must have missed it and walks out, leaving Duffy extremely exasperated. She tells Spencer to try to stay out of trouble for the the rest of the day.

Stuart Marshall is with a class of pupils in the gym. His daughter, Robyn, and her friends, Danny and Chantelle, enter the gym dressed as pirates. They tell Stuart they are going to ‘kidnap’ him to get ransom money from the headmaster for charity. Stuart tells them they are being ridiculous, but they bind and gag him and usher him out to a van. Robyn’s boyfriend, Martin, drives them to a derelict building. Stuart doesn’t know that Robyn has a boyfriend, so when he asks about Martin, Robyn tells him he is a friend of Chantelle’s. The headmaster refuses to give them the one hundred pounds they are asking for, so they tell Stuart that he has to walk the plank. They take him to the top floor, where there is a piece of wood from one end of the landing to the other. Stuart refuses to play along with them. Martin pulls out a water pistol and squirts at Stuart. Stuart is taken by surprise and stumbles, stepping back onto the plank, breaking it, and falling to the floor below. They try to move him, but Chantelle says they shouldn’t and tells them to call for an ambulance. She asks Stuart where the pain is and if he has pins and needles. Fin and Mel arrive at the building. Chantelle tells them that she made sure Stuart wasn’t moved and she’d kept him in the neutral alignment position. Fin tells her she’s done a good job. Stuart is taken to Resus. He is suffering from pins and needles and severe back pain. Fin tells the team that Chantelle is a student in Penny’s First Aid classes. Duffy tells Robyn that her mother will have to be contacted. Sandra Marshal arrives at the hospital and Andrew tells her that Stuart has suffered a spinal trauma but should be fine. Stuart tells Sandra that it hurts when he moves, and she asks Robyn to tell her exactly how the accident happened. She is angry with Robyn and Chantelle, saying that Chantelle’s friend, Martin, is to blame. She tells Robyn that Chantelle is mixing with the wrong people and refers to the shop-lifting inceident a few weeks ago. Despite Robyn’s protests, Sandra says that Chantelle is no longer welcome at their house. Chantelle goes to see Stuart and apologises, saying it was a stupid idea. Sandra walks in and says she should have thought of that before. She tells her that she has told Robyn that she doesn’t want Chantelle at the house anymore. Chnatelle demands to know why Sandra is picking on her. Sandra replies that she knows things aren’t too good with Chantelle’s foster parents, but they aren’t her family either. Chantelle loses her temper and tells Sandra that she doesn’t want to be part of their family as they don’t look that good to her. Duffy tells her to stop shouting, but Chantelle continues, saying that at least her foster mother doesn’t pretend that things are perfect when they’re not, finishing by saying that Sandra doesn’t even know her own daughter. Duffy tells Chantelle that enough is enough and leads her out of Resus. As she leaves, Stuart starts vomitting. Andrew rushes in and they move him onto his side.

Outside, Penny and Chantelle discuss Chantelle’s desire to become a paramedic. Chantelle says there is a lot of training involved and she wouldn’t get the support she needed from her foster parents. Penny asked if her father would help. Chantelle replies that she tried contacting him but he obviously didn’t want to know. She confesses that she wanted to be part of a ‘proper’ family like the Marshal’s, but says that she now feels like an outsider again. Penny tells her that’s how she felt before she became a paramedic, and this is the closest she’s ever had to a family. She tells Chantelle that they have a lot in common. She says that Chantelle needs to have more tact and diplomacy if she is to succeed as a paramedic. She refers to the scene with Sandra in Resus, explaining that Sandra was just worried about Stuart and needed someone to blame. Penny tells Duffy that without Chantelle’s help at the scene, Stuart would have been a lot worse. Duffy informs Sandra. Sandra apologises to Chantelle and says that when Stuart comes home, they’d like her to come over to the house. Chantelle says she understands that Sandra was looking for someone to blame for what happened to Stuart. Sandra puts her arm around her.

Josh and Penny are called out to Olive Reynolds who is having trouble with her breathing. They tell her daughter, Theresa Harris, that they will need to take her to hospital. Theresa’s husband, Eddie, arrives and appears to be very concerned. Olive is brought into Resuc. She has a temperature and a lot of swelling. Patrick tells Theresa and Eddie that Olive has had an extreme allergic reaction, and they need to find out what to prevent it from happening again. After a while, Olive seems to be improving. Patrick tells her that she will be moved to a cubicle and then admitted. Eddie and Theresa are sat outside the hospital. Eddie is very worried about Olive and tells Theresa that he hopes she’s alright. Theresa says she doesn’t know why Eddie’s so concerned as they are always arguing. Olive tells Patrick she has a pain, and points to where Eddie is standing. It is obvious that the two don’t get on. Patrick asks if she has any idea what caused her illness, but she can’t provide any clues. Olive’s back is itchy. Colette takes a look and tells her it looks like a bee sting. She asks if Olive if she can remember being stung, but she can’t. Colette goes to find Patrick. Theresa and Eddie’s son, Dean, arrives in A & E. He tells his parents that his black widow spider, Tara, is missing from its box. Meanwhile, the spider crawls out from Olive’s handbag in her cubicle. Theresa and Eddie tell Olive that Tara may have bitten her. They blame Dean for what has happened.

After being unable to find a vein in Olive’s arm earlier, Duffy walks out of Resus to get some air. Colette later asks her what is wrong as she doesn’t look very well. She tells her that she’d like to help. Duffy tells her that she thinks she is pregnant and asks if she can help with that. She walks away in tears. Colette asks her if she’ll join her for a coffee in the staff room during her break, and Duffy accepts. Duffy tells Colette that she doesn’t want another baby. She says she’s 40 and she’s already had her family. Colette asks how Andrew will feel about it and Duffy admits that she is worried about his reaction. She tells Colette about his affairs and says that things haven’t been that great between them. She says that they need some space and she doesn’t want to give up her job. She realises that she has to do a pregnancy test to find out for certain whether she is pregnant.

Spencer apologise to Chloe for mentioning Barney’s father to him. Chloe says it’s not his fault and Barney shouldn’t have reacted the way he did. Spencer tells her not to worry and Barney will come round. Barney emerges from a cubicle. Seeing his stony glare, Spencer adds ‘when hell freezes over’. Chloe tries to make peace with Barney, but he tells her that he doesn’t need reminding that she got promoted and he didn’t.

Colette has to collect her mother’s dry-cleaning, but couldn’t do it in her break as she was talking to Duffy. Josh offers to collect it and Colette kisses his cheek, calling him a ‘very nice man’.

Duffy overhears Max and Andrew complaining about children. She asks Andrew what they were talking about, but they are interrupted by Chloe’s screams from a cubicle. She tells them that she saw the spider, but there is no sign of it now. Meanwhile, it is climbing up the curtain and into the next cubicle. Max tells Theresa, Eddie and Dean that Tara being loose in the hospital is a very serious health risk and Environmental Services have been called. Theresa and Eddie both say that Dean is at fault, and if he had told them that Tara was a black widow, they would never have allowed him to keep her in the house, and then none of this would have happened. It is later revealed that Eddie took the spider from Dean’s room and put it in Olive’s bed to give her a fright. A patient calls Colette over to her cubicle, where Tara is crawling around the floor. Patrick picks up a thick book and is about to drop it on the spider. Dean stops him and picks Tara up in a glass jar. He hands her over to Environmental Services and asks them to look after her.

Colette gets Duffy a pregnancy testing kit and tells her she must do it straight away. The test is positive and Duffy breaks down. She is convinced that it will ruin things between her and Andrew. Colette tells her she needs to think things through before making a decision. Barney goes to see Duffy, but Colette tells him she’s got a lot on and to come back the following day. Barney shrugs and walks off. As he is in the staff room putting on his coat, Duffy enters and is annoyed that he didn’t come to see her as she had requested. Barney tries to explain what Colette said, but Duffy says she’s not interested in his excuses. She says that his attitude has gone downhill and if things don’t improve between him and Spencer, he will be suspended. She angrily tells him that she won’t tolerate such behaviour in the department, and opens the door for him to leave. Andrew enters and puts his arms around her. She pushes him away. He asks if she’s coming home with him, but she says she has things to do. As he leaves, she starts to cry.

As they leave the hospital together, Duffy thanks Colette for her help, adding that it is just between the two of them. Duffy admits that she doesn’t know how she’s going to tell Andrew. Colette tells her that she should get used to the idea herself first as there’s no use in both of them panicking. She asks if she wants a lift home, but Duffy says the walk will do her good. They hug and go their separate ways.


– Olive Reynolds, a 72-year-old with an anaphylactic shock after getting bitten by a spider

– Stuart Marshall, a teacher that falls ten feet and injures his back

– Spencer cuts his arm when falling from a ladder while putting up Christmas decorations

First Scene/words

[Duffy is in the bedroom, getting ready for going into work. She looks nervous and starts checking in her calendar.]

Andrew: Duffy, are you ready? We’re going to be late.

Duffy: Yeah, I know, I know. I’m coming.

Andrew: Alright, I’ll wait in the car.

Last Scene/words

[Colette walks out of the hospital area. So does Duffy, into another direction, with an ambulance arriving in the distance.]

Notable Facts

* Kristian Lee Wilkin (Andy Brodie) plays Martin.

Additional Cast

Chantelle Cassidy – Melissa Batchelor

Robyn Marshall – Jocelyn Barker

Stuart Marshall – Christian Burgess

Sandra Marshall – Georgia Reece

Olive Reynolds – June Broughton

Eddie Harris – Campbell Morrison

Theresa Harris – Sue Wallace

Dean Harris – Paul Popplewell

Danny – Don Klass

Guide by Alison and Karin

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