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Cas Series

S9 E03

S9 E3 (1 Oct 94) : Keeping it in the Family by Keith Temple

Episode Summary

Mike is agitated and snappy with staff, he later admits to Charlie that his wife and kids left him six weeks ago.

Charlie wants to give Ash more responsibility and hands him paperwork which pleases Ash.

Disturbed Marian Ford arrives in A&E with a injured hand. Rachel is concerned about her mental stability. Neighbours call the alarm on a house where Ruth Clark has been stabbed and her mother has died. While Rachel is in the cubicle with Marian, her handbag falls open and Rachel recognises a photograph of Ruth. Marian panics, attacks Rachel and flees. Charlie tracks Marian to an upstairs window where she threatens to jump. He stops her and learns that she has been ridiculed and abused by her mother and sister for years and had finally snapped.

Louise Tomlin comes into casualty with a strained shoulder. She confides in Kate that she was injured while trying to resist the advances of her boss, Bernie – and also husband of her sister – but can’t afford to quit her job because her husband is unemployed. She eventually decides her only option is to quit.

Jean and Paul Fenwick are out shopping when thieves snatch Jean’s bag. Paul gives chase but collapses with chest pains. An angina sufferer, he later has a fatal heart attack. Unbeknown to his angina condition, Jean is heartbroken and reveals to a surprised Ash that they are brother and sister, as well as lovers.


* Louise Tomlin – injured shoulder.

* Marian Ford – come in with injured hand, threatens to jump out of window after stabbing her sister.

* Ruth Clark – stabbing victim.

* Paul Fenwick – angina patient dies after heart attack.

First Words/ scene

In house;

Marian : Can you turn that down, it’s getting on my nerves (walks into bedroom)… it isn’t going to work anymore, I don’t know why you do it, I’m past caring (hold her hand in pain)

Last Words/ scene

Charlie : Don’t be too hard on him, he’s having a tough time of it, you know

Kate : At home you mean?

Charlie : Not for me to say

Kate : Oh well you don’t have to

Charlie : Yeah, who’d be married eh?

Kate ; Don’t be such an old cynic

Charlie : Hey less of the old!

Kate : Who are you trying to kid!

Notable Facts

* Rebecca Lacey (George) plays Louise Tomlin.

* Jack Ellis (Fenner in Bad Girls) plays Bernie.

* Mike was also more upset because it would have been their wedding anniversary that day.

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