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Cas Series

S17 E13

S17 E13 (7 Dec 02) : Blame by Stuart Blackburn

Episode Summary

Josh and Colette’s marriage is still looking shaky but Josh is finally ready to talk. He suggests a night out to a charity do that evening where they can relax and talk. Nikki, meanwhile, suspects Comfort and Finlay’s relationship isn’t quite over when she spots him admiring her from afar. But Finlay’s adamant that isn’t the case and uses his new girlfriend as his evidence. But is he protesting too much?

Lara gets a shock when a new patient is brought in to Holby A&E – it’s PC Newcombe who testified in her trial. She’s vitriolic towards Lara and makes it very clear she doesn’t want her anywhere near her. Lara, for once, is happy to keep her distance. Jack though is diving into work with his dad – it’s his first night working as a bouncer tonight – and Tony’s less than happy about it.

Josh is called to a horrific road accident involving a mother and her two sons. When the father turns up it’s Josh who counsels him and stays with him once they get to hospital. And he stays with Greg as one-by-one he loses his wife and sons. Josh is devastated for him and saddened by the memories the scene evokes.

Lara’s attacked by the policewoman’s colleague and called a murderer. She’s dumbstruck but luckily Charlie’s on hand to stand up for a grateful Lara. But this doesn’t stop Lara taking notice of the policewoman’s troubling cough and checking out her x-ray. Thanks to Lara’s vigilance Harry realises she’s suffering from the early stages of TB. He lets her know, in no uncertain terms, that she has Lara to thank for her diagnosis.

Josh and Colette’s date is in jeopardy when Josh decides to stay with the bereaved husband and father. He tells Colette to take someone else and a disappointed Colette goes straight to Simon. Meanwhile Comfort’s eager to prove she’s happy Finlay’s found someone new and suggests a double date. Finlay’s clearly uncomfortable with the idea but reluctantly agrees.

Harry and Lara get home only to find Harry’s wife is on her way out and can’t make the hospital’s charity auction after all. She suggest Lara go instead and Lara, albeit reluctantly, agrees. On arrival, Lara’s immediately confronted with the chairman of the Trust Board who makes it quite clear he doesn’t believe she should still be at the hospital. That doesn’t bode well for Harry’s meeting with the Board tomorrow to discuss her case.

Tony decides to pay Jack a surprise visit on his first night in the club. He takes the chance to talk to his dad and, putting his anger aside, listens to his side of the story. While Tony still isn’t happy with him personally, maybe for the first time he sees that everything isn’t his dad’s fault.

The charity auction is in full swing and when Colette and Lara both exhibit interest in the same necklace, a bidding war begins. Eventually, the price goes too high for Harry and he backs down letting Simon revel in his victory. Lara and Harry decide to go, leaving Simon and Colette to get ever closer…

Just when Harry and Lara arrive home for a companionable cup of cocoa, Harry’s wife arrives and finds the scene too cosy for her liking. And after Harry’s said Lara can stay as long as she likes, his wife begins talking about letting agents. Lara gets the hint and looks concerned. Meanwhile, Simon has presented the necklace to Colette and the two are looking increasingly happy together and decide to continue the evening over drinks. But suddenly Josh arrives in his old banger to whisk Colette home. Simon’s left all alone, for now at least.

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