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Cas Series

S20 E23

S20 E23 (4 Feb 06) : Trust in Me by Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

Ellen tries to speak with Harry alone but a phone call interrupts them. The caller is a young boy, Robbie, whose mother, Carol, has gone into labour after a car crash. Harry and Ellen work together to help Robbie deliver the baby over the phone but tragedy strikes when he is run over by the police car that is out looking for them. Luke brings them into Casualty where Harry and Ellen work on the injured boy. After Robbie is sent to surgery, Nathan and Harry spar over the hospital and the way Harry conducts his affairs. Finally Ellen gets to speak to Harry alone and tells him she is pregnant. She is crushed when he asks her to prove it. Ellen ends up slapping Harry and he tells her to leave.

Maggie treats a junkie, Laura, with stomach pains, after she is hit whilst breaking into someone’s house. They discover she has hepatitis b and dies of liver failure in resus. Maggie is frustrated that her death could have been avoided, if she was given treatment earlier in her diagnosis.

Meanwhile, Bruno gives Kelsey some Botox, which makes her eye swell up. Charlie confronts them and Kelsey lies that she went out in her break to get it done. Charlie is becoming ever more suspicious of Bruno and has stern words with him. Meanwhile Kelsey has to cancel her date and it looks as if she’s blown her chances with him completely.


* Robbie Beckley – hemothorax, multiple fractures.

* Carol Beckley – baby girl delivered after car crash.

* Laura – hepatitis b, dies of liver failure.

* Emily – elderly lady with head injuries after being mugged.

Notable Facts

* Nathan and Maggie spar again. Afterwards she calls him a ‘Slimey git’ and says to Selena ‘You want your head looking at!’

* Kelsey tries to comfort a recently dumped Ellen, ‘It’s not like you were in love (she the sees Ellen’s face)… Oh!’

* Charlie confronts Bruno and Kelsey in a cubicle, ‘How stupid do you think I am?’. Bruno tries to wrangle his way out of things, claiming there wouldn’t be a next time if Charlie actually has anything on him. ‘Next time’ Charlie repeats.

* Harry refers back to when he was having dinner with another woman [Selena] when his wife died in a car crash, when him and Selena are discussing whether to confirm to Carol her suspicions of her husband’s infidelity.

* Nathan accuses Harry of dumping Ellen and moving on when he’d got what he wanted, ‘Are you suggesting I used Ellen?’ Harry says. ‘My conscience is clear!’

* Ellen is distraught when Harry doesn’t believe her, ‘I thought you knew me better than that,’ she cries. In disbelief of her pregnancy he adds, ‘So you’ve reverted back to your old tricks?’

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