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Cas Series

S16 E15

S16 E15 (22 Dec 01) : Life and Soul by Katharine Way & Andrew Rattenbury

Episode Summary

Spencer brings in two large singing Santa’s with no off switch – Charlie tells him to get rid of them. Natalie recovers in a ward with Colette beside her. Natalie’s foster mother, Sue, also arrives to see her, which Colette finds hard to deal with. Josh is beginning to think his and Colette’s relationship is cursed and Charlie sets on a surprise mission to get them married in the hospital that day. The female vicar is delayed, and Duffy calls upon Kev the Rev – who is wandering around in reception preaching, and is also hit by an irate patient’s husband – to carry out the ceremony, however his wife turns up and tells them he is not a real vicar! The real vicar finally turns up and carries out a quick ceremony, they also have a reception in the board room, which Max also attends, before Josh and Colette are whisked away in a limo to their honeymoon – with the Singing Santa’s tied to the bonnet.

A young boy, Scott, is brought in by his mother after he breaks his arm, after falling of stage for the dress rehearsal of his nativity play. Duffy treats him and Scott reveals that it was Duffy’s son, Jake, that pushed him off stage. Duffy talks to Jake when he arrives in A&E, who upsetly tells her Scott was making fun of him about his father’s death. Charlie comforts Duffy who is concerned her family aren’t coping.

Shaun Bayliss leaves his lawyer firm’s work party after being teased by his boss. His female colleague, Zoe, comes after him and finds him drunk. He then gets on to a bridge and falls onto a roof below, severely damaging his leg. Patrick is called out to deal with his injuries. In A&E Shaun tells his boss that he will take him to a tribunal, and Zoe sticks up for him.

Patrick spends his last night with Rachel, before her husband, Greg, returns. Rachel tells him she wants to tell Greg about their affair, which worries Patrick. They argue and she storms off, thinking he doesn’t love her. At work he tries to call her. Meanwhile, Rachel, gets out of her car to deal with a woman who had just been mugged – she runs after the youths but is attacked herself. She is brought in, shocking the team and is also found to be pregnant – Patrick pushes Philippa out the way to treat her himself, but all efforts fail and she dies. When Greg turns up – Patrick tells him the news, and Greg is shocked to discover the baby could not be his as he had been overseas for five months. Lara tries to comfort Patrick and later in Resus, Patrick tearfully says his goodbyes to Rachel – Greg watches behind him realising something had been going on between them.


* Sergeant Rachel James – beaten up by muggers and dies in CRASH.

* Scott Kenyan – pushed over in dress rehearsal of nativity play and breaks arm.

* Shaun Bayliss – falls from a bridge onto a roof and injures femur.

First Scene/ words

Lara enters Reception, and picks up patient’s card;

Lara : You winding me up?

Jack : Would I do that to you?

Lara : Bradley Pitt?

Jack : Yeah I know, has got a rash, wouldn’t give me his real name. Your lucky it was Pete Stringfellow when he came in!

Last Scene/ words

Patrick in CRASH with dead Rachel;

Patrick : Never did get that message did you? Oh, I do love you Rachel (he kisses her hand as Greg walks in)

Notable Facts

* Danny McCall plays Greg James.

* Sylvester McCoy plays Kev the Rev.

* Kim Oliver plays Zoe Preston.

* Ivan Kaye plays Guy.

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