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HC Past Series

7.35 Pleasant Surprises – 14/6/05

Episode Summary

‘Pleasant Surprises’ : Tricia is shocked to see Carlos and has to treat a burns patient, Nita, with him. Nita has suspected her husband of pouring acid on her face for having an affair with her boss, Mark. It is later discovered that Mark’s wife was the culprit.

Carlos tries to tell Tricia he is pleased she has got the all clear but Tricia is not interested. Chrissie warns Carlos to stay away from Tricia – he has caused her enough hurt. Carlos sees Mark and Tricia together and assumes that Mark is her new boyfriend. Carlos apologises to Tricia for his behaviour and asks her if she would like to have reconstructive surgery on her breast. Tricia is furious and tells him she wants nothing from him.

Mark speaks to Carlos and tells him he put Tricia through hell. Carlos realises that Mark is Tricia’s ex and reminds him that he walked out on her. The two men argue and Chrissie is forced to prise them apart. Outside, Tricia and Carlos speak. Tricia says that she loved Carlos so much that when he left she had almost wished the cancer would finish her off. Carlos confesses that he asked for his patient to be treated at Holby so he could see her again. He begs to make amends and says he will do the reconstructive surgery for her, Tricia walks off in tears. Later, Tricia tells Carlos that she will go ahead with the surgery but that she wants to pay for it – she does not to feel she owes him anything.

Donna has got a part time job as a tequila girl in a bar. Mubbs was out drinking late night again and is hungover. Mickie invites him to go to Donna’s bar after work but he declines as he is not feeling well.Mubbs treats a couple who are going through their last chance at IVF. Mubbs has a heart to heart with the husband Dave. Later Dave faints and he is diagnosed with a thyroid condition, but his wife, Trudy, seems more concerned about it affecting her IVF. The couple argue but later make up and decide to put having a family on hold.

Throughout the day, Mubbs’s condition worsens but he thinks he has indigestion. Suddenly, Mubbs collapses, breathless and dizzy. After examination, Sean tells him he has had a heart attack. Mubbs is shocked and scared – his wild lifestyle has finally caught up with him.

Michael tells Connie the board have accepted her proposal, she is pleased and calls a team meeting to inform everyone of the changes. Connie asks Lola to apply for the critical care Consultant position, Lola is charmed and says she will put an application in. At the team meeting Connie says that she is expanding Darwin. Chrissie, Donna and the other nurses are angry when they realise this means that the Keller ward will be downsized and people may lose their jobs.

Lola treats patient, Maddie. Lola doesn’t understand why her medicine has failed to improve her condition – Connie thinks the only alternative is to operate. At the last minute, Lola stops the operation going ahead after discovering she has failed to take her pills. Maddie has been stressing over her husband’s ill heath. Lola says they should bring her husband in, where he dies with Maddie by his side. Donna decides to stay and be with Maddie instead of her do her bar shift.

Written by by Simon Ashford


* Nita Chopra – severe acid burns to face.

* Trudy Stainford – IVF treatment.

* Dave Stainford – hypothyroidism.

* Maddie Clarke – failed to take pills causing heartburn and sickness.

* Maddie’s husband – dies of pancreatic cancer.

Notable Facts

* On seeing Mubbs suffering a hangover, Mickie says ‘You might want to brush your teeth before you see your patient!’

* Lola calls Connie ‘Chief’.

* Tricia said her and Chrissie can’t help but love bad men ‘Us Williams’ girls – gluttons for punishment.’

* Connie’s plans are to expand Darwin ward, introduce Cardiothoracis and downsize Kellar ward.

* After Lola stops Maddie’s operation, Connie tells her ‘We are a team but someone’s got to be in charge’ implying she isn’t happy of Lola’s brash assertiveness.

* Agreeing to the operation, Tricia tells Carlos she will pay for it, ‘I don’t want to feel like I owe you anything and I don’t want you to think you do.’


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