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Cas Character

Jez Andrews


Played by Lloyd Everitt


S30 E27 ‘High Tide’ – S30 E2

Job Title


First Words

Please tell me she’s coming!


Memorable Moments

  • S31 E6 – Max and Jez are horrified when they wake up in the same bed.
  • S31 E17 – Max and Jez try to record Seb confessing his guilt about his allegation against Dylan.
  • S31 E27 – Jez and Louise get close after working on the booze bus.
  • S31 E30 – Jez fakes a headache to avoid going out with Louise
  • S31 E31 – Elle and Louise are both shocked to learn Jez has spent the night with Elle’s son.
  • S31 E32 – Jez finds himself in between racist Roy and his secretly gay son Mickey.
  • S31 E34 – Louise confronts Jez about his infidelity. She is stunned to learn about his latest squeeze; Mickey.
  • S31 E35 – Jez continues to date Mickey despite his brother’s involvement in Cal’s death.
  • S31 E37 – Jez realises his feelings for Mickey when he is injured during a racist rally.
  • S31 E41 – Ethan tries to enlist Jez in nailing Cal’s killer.
  • S31 E44 – Jez is distraught when a baby dies in a house fire.

Love Interests

  • Kalen Gardner
  • Louise Tyler
  • Mickey Ellison

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