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Cas Character

Fenisha Khatri

Played by Olivia D’Lima


S34 E25 – S35 E30

Job Title


First Words

(Ethan hitting the vending machine) Sorry, do carry on!


One son, Bodhi Caleb (with Ethan Hardy)


Confident young paramedic Fenisha meets Ethan before she starts work at the hospital. The pair go for a drink in the pub and end up having a one night stand. When she starts her first shift, she flirts with Will and the pair decide to go out – when she sees Ethan again, she lets him down that she is now seeing someone else. Fenisha discovers she’s pregnant with Ethan’s baby – she cools things off with Will but decides to have an abortion, which she later doesn’t go through with. During her pregnancy, Fenisha keeps the news to herself including Ethan and her boss Jan.

In Series 35, Fenisha and Ethan have been getting on better and contacting eachother through lockdown. However when he accidentally finds out she is pregnant, he is furious that she hasn’t told him. Hiding his own secret, that he is carrying the Huntington’s disease gene, he tells Fenisha he wants nothing to do with the baby but doesn’t tell her the rest.

Memorable Moments

  • S34 E25 – Fenisha makes her debut and ends up having a one night stand with Ethan
  • S34 E28 – Fenisha starts her first shift and flirts with Will as they agree to go on a date
  • S34 E30 – Fenisha tries to avoid Ethan and tells him she is seeing someone else
  • S34 E32 – Fenisha learns she’s pregnant but tells Will it can’t be his
  • S34 E33 – Fenisha tells Ethan that he is the father of the baby and Will overhears
  • S34 E34 – Fenisha plans an abortion but backs out at the last minute
  • S34 E35 – Fenisha disobeys Jan’s orders when the pair attend the scene of an accident at a wrestling match
  • S34 E36 – Thinking she’s had an abortion, Will attempts to ask Fenisha out again but she refuses
  • S34 E39 – Ethan and Fenisha are at a Comic Con event when tragedy occurs
  • S34 E42 – Fenisha has to perform an emergency operation on Jan when she is injured in a cave
  • S35 E3 – As Will leaves Holby, he asks Fenisha to go with him but she reveals she is still pregnant. Ethan inadvertently finds out and is furious that she has lied to him
  • S35 E4 – Ethan informs Fenisha that he wants no involvement with the baby but does not tell her about the Huntington’s gene he has
  • S35 E5 – As they deal with a domestic incident case, Fenisha finally tells Jan she’s pregnant
  • S35 E7 – Fenisha gives birth to a baby boy in the woods

Love Interests

  • Ethan Hardy
  • Will Noble

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