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Cas Character

Andrew Bower

Played by William Gaminara / Philip Bretherton


S4 E1 – S4 E4; S7 E16 – S7 E24; S15 E12 – S15 E35

Job Title


First Words

(to Duffy) OK I wouldn’t like to think of you running short on knickers!

Last words

Tom? What are you doing here?


We are first introduced to Andrew Bower (William Gaminara) as registrar in S4 E1 and it is revealed that he is dating Duffy. One of her first serious relationships since her rape ordeal. In S4 E2, Andrew operates on a woman in resus who has a blood clot from falling down some stairs. In S4 E3, Duffy tells Andrew that she is pregnant. In S4 E4, Andrew is discussing a new post, hoping Duffy will go with him, but she tells Andrew she is going to have the baby on her own, and that their relationship is over. He leaves Holby.

In S7 E15, Duffy is surprised Andrew has sent Peter a present to the department. But she is in for more shock to learn in S7 E16, that Andrew is to be the new Locum in the A&E department. She tells Charlie that he should have told her sooner, and that she should be told of things that go on in the department. In S7 E17, Andrew is called out to assist at an RTA. Patient Mark, who has just become a father, dies at the scene. His sister, Sara, has a broken leg, and her boyfriend, Alan, needs a chest drain. Sara is angry that Andrew could do nothing for her brother. At the end of shift, Andrew bumps into a little boy and picks him up – not realising it’s his son. In S7 E18, news is going round of the new Consultant Mike Barratt – Andrew thanks the team for their support as his time as Locum. In S7 E19, Duffy and Andrew have dinner – they kiss. In S7 E20, Duffy is concerned if she can trust Andrew – Sandra tells her to take a chance. In S7 E22, Duffy tells Andrew she’s scared of losing him again – he says he’s not planning to go anywhere. In S7 E24, Duffy and Andrew are at ‘Children’s World’ restaurant, with their son – who’s fourth birthday it is. Charlie receives an invitation to Duffy’s wedding, scheduled for the following day.

In Series 8 we learn from Duffy that she and Andrew are now happily married. He appears inS8 E9 and S8 E11 when it’s revealed that they’re struggling to conceive a baby. They visit the doctor together, anxious to find out if there is a problem. However a few episodes later, Duffy is overjoyed when she is pregnant. She leaves to concentrate on her family with Andrew in S8 E13.

Duffy speaks about Andrew in Series 12 when she returns for Charlie and Baz’s wedding. She reveals to Megan that they’re going through a difficult time and she is feeling undervalued. She later tells Charlie she didn’t invite Andrew to the wedding because he has been having an affair. Charlie tells her to give him another chance. However through series 13, we hear that Andrew hasn’t changed his ways and in series 14 Duffy has a brief affair herself with Dr Max, desperately needing someone to appreciate her. However she calls it off after a few days, feeling too guilty and not wanting to break up her marriage.

Andrew returns again (now played by Philip Bretherton ) in S15 E12 as the locum consultant. Duffy however isn’t happy about him coming to work at Holby City and the day gets off to a rocky start, the two of them disagreeing almost immediately. They make up by the end of the day however, and Andrew buys Duffy a kitkat as a present. They begin to work well together. In S15 E14 Andrew is worried about Duffy as she seems ill. In S15 E16 she reveals to him that she’s pregnant. Andrew doesn’t know how to react and ends up shouting at Duffy. It takes him a while to get used to the idea as the baby wasn’t planned and refuses to discuss it with Duffy for a while. When she persuades him to talk, Andrew tells Duffy that he thought that part of their lives – having babies – was over now. He’s short with her but when she asks if he’d rather she had an abortion, he says immediately that he doesn’t want that. By S15 E26, Andrew has come round to the idea of a baby slightly so is shocked and worried when Duffy collapses in the toilets, bleeding and rushes to be with her. They discover that the baby is well in S15 E27 and are pleased, but still aren’t getting along great. In S15 E36 Andrew, whilst getting something from his car, meets Tom in the car park. When he questions Tom about why he’s at the hospital, Tom pushes him violently down some stone stairs. Andrew is discovered and taken to resus but he dies despite the team’s best efforts, leaving a heavily pregnant Duffy heartbroken – he didn’t get to see their unborn child.

Memorable Moments

  • S4 E3 – Duffy tells Andrew she’s pregnant.
  • S7 E17 – Andrew unwittingly picks up his own son.
  • S15 E36 – Andrew is killed by Tom Harvey.

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