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HB Actor

Cal Macaninch

Plays John Keenan


BORN : Govan, Glasgow.

PARTNER : Actress Shauna MacDonald

CHILDREN : One daughter

FAMILY : Both parents are deceased. Has one sister.

STUDIED : Glasgow University

TELEVISION CREDITS : Rockface; Waking The Dead; Best of Borth Worlds; Littlebirds; Warriors; Lae of Darkness; Speak Like A Child; Nervous Energy; Dangerous One; Rik Mayall : The Big One; A Mind to Murder; Taggart; The Riff Raff Element; The Chestnut Soldier; Alive & Kicking; The Advocates; The Paradise Club; Murphy’s Law; Ghost Squad; Sorted; Holby Blue; Merlin; Wild at Heart; Strike Back; Downton Abbey; Garrow’s Law

FILM CREDITS : Truel; Natural History; Breathtaking; Pointment; Best; The Lost Son; Sentimental Education; The Woodlanders; Splitting Heirs; Ragtale; Doomsday; Slapper; Screwed

THEATRE CREDITS : The Wood Demon; Hamlet; Oedipus Rex; Anna Karenina; Enrico Four; A Tale of Two Cities; The Philanthropist; The Cherry Orchard; Not About Heroes; Frankenstein; How Like an Angel; Macbeth; A Whistle in the Dark; Under the Black Flag; The Bacchae; Peter Pan; A Play, Pie and a Pint

AGENT : Markham, Froggatt & Irwin, 4 Windmill Street, London, W1T 2HZ. shop > Cal Macaninch

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