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HB Actor

James Hillier

Plays Christian Young

DATE OF BIRTH : 22nd September 1973

BORN : Kent

FAMILY : Parents, Anthony & Susan. He is the eldest of three boys.


CHILDREN : Two sons

HEIGHT : 6ft


CASUALTY APPEARANCE : James played James Downing in S26 E22 ‘Confidences’

PREVIOUS HOLBY APPEARANCE : James has made a guest appearance in HOLBY CITY. He played Derek Humphries in S7 E28 ‘Not Just a River in Egypt’ [See More]

TELEVISION CREDITS : Unsuitable Job for a Woman; Great Expectations; Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married; All the Kings Men; Inspector Lynley; Serious and Organised; Silent Witness; Holby City; Blackbeard; The Rise and Fall of Rome; The Bill; Goldplated; Holby Blue; Eastenders; Survivors; Casualty; City on Fire

FILM CREDITS : Running Time; Long Time Dead; Four Feathers; Sex & Lies; Stagknight; Father of Girls; Simon’s Making a Film; Locock; Fired; The King’s Head

THEATRE CREDITS : Le Beurgeois Gentlehomme; Trips; Journey’s End; Lulu; The Homecoming; Something Cloudy Something Clear; Recruity Officer; Through the Glass; Close; A Map of the Region; Blind Eye; A Clockwork Orange; The Water Engine; Mr Happiness; Blue Surge; Curt; In the Land of Uz; 66 Books

AGENT : United Agents Ltd, 12-26 Lexington Street, London W1F 0LE. shop > James Hillier

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