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Casualty in Romania

Producers Oliver Kent and Erika Hossington talk to about Casualty’s upcoming Romanian episode.


As CASUALTY approaches it’s 30th year, fans are in for a special treat this weekend as the show travels to Romania.

At the end of the last episode, Charlie receives a call claiming that Louis is in trouble, leading him to head to Bucharest with Connie, who recently had troubles of her own after being released from prison having been accused of murder.

Series Producer Erika Hossington spoke to about the ground breaking episode, ‘This was a big idea that started as a dream really, we didn’t know if we would ever be able to pull it off but here we are!’

‘It’s a massive decision to take two of our main characters outside of their precinct and put them somewhere else and do a whole episode away from the hospital. It is the first time the show has ever done that,’ she enthuses.

Executive Producer Oliver Kent agrees ‘The idea had come up before but we’d ruled it out a number of times because we get really nervous taking the show outside of its precinct because it can look a bit odd to see really established characters not in their normal format but the particular point it had was what happens in the storyline; it sort of feels like it’s earnt’

Oliver also mentions the special dynamic between the two characters played by Derek Thompson and Amanda Mealing, ‘We felt there was such a quality between Charlie and Connie, they are the only people that can say the truth to one another and we thought that was an opportunity to let the audiences in on that. So the audience gets to see what happens between them and none of the other characters do. It’s a real deliberate chamber piece’

Erika concluded ‘It’s a very big story point for both of these characters which will then drive us to the end of this series and onto Series 30. We’re very proud of it and think the audience are going to love it!’

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