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Cas Previous Appearance

Christopher Colquhoun : Previous Appearance


PREVIOUS APPEARANCE : S12 E1 ‘Give My Love to Esme’

CHARACTER : Maddy Costello

STORYLINE : Maddy is a transvestite, who is injured in the shopping mall explosion.

PREVIOUS APPEARANCE : S15 E32 ‘Heroes and Villains’ & S15 E33 ‘The Long Road Home’

CHARACTER : Luke Hutchens

STORYLINE : Luke, is the half brother of paramedic Penny. He comes to visit her, after she decides to track down her estranged father. She is hurt when she finds out he does not want contact with her. She decides to go visit him and they eventually reconcile.

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Arrogant, petulant, witty and womanizing– all words you would use to describe Dr Simon Kaminski. Ever since he stepped through the A&E doors –...

Cas Actor

Plays Simon Kaminski DATE OF BIRTH : 10th January 1970 HEIGHT : 6ft 2 BORN : Grew up in Dore, Sheffield. Moved to Hull...

Cas Character

Played by Christopher Colquhoun Appearance S16 E29 – S18 E46 Job Title Registrar First Words (He is first seen entering A&E being sick outside,...

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