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Cas Character

Simon Kaminski

Played by Christopher Colquhoun


S16 E29 – S18 E46

Job Title


First Words

(He is first seen entering A&E being sick outside, when he enters Reception he talks to Gilly) Hi – got anything for a headache?


Simon Kaminski arrives as the New Locum Registrar, to take over from Patrick. He’s cocky and flirty, and even tries to make his move on Lara – not realising the past history with Patrick.

Simon is back down at home in Holby, and uses it as an excuse to party and meet up with his old friends. In his first episode he turns up in a tuxedo, still drunk from a night out, and promptly passes out in the staff room. That’s where Lara finds him and calls for security! However, Simon, is unfazed and thinks he can’t get into any trouble – he thinks his charm will help him get away with anything. Only Lara appears immune. Especially when she finds they are both in competition for Patrick’s job. However behind his tough shell conceals a tender soul – which we discover when his childhood sweetheart comes back into his life in S16 E30 – Claire Evans arrives in A&E with a cut above her eye from playing squash – Simon is surprised to see her as she is his ex, and even more shocked to discover she is engaged to his brother, Stuart Kaminski. Stuart and Simon make up, meanwhile Claire and Simon share a lingering kiss goodbye outside A&E. In S16 E32, she visits him again, saying that his brother Stuart wants him to best man at her wedding – but they kiss again. In S16 E33, a patient Mr Piper is brought in with an abscess in his leg. Roxy gives him brufen for his pain, on Simon’s instruction, but he goes into shock due to an allergic reaction. Charlie gives Simon a verbal warning. In S16 E34, Claire comes to see Simon, upset as she doesn’t want to marry his brother, but be with Simon. On his lunch break he persuades her to go and buy her wedding dress. Later, Simon and Lara conflict over the treatment of a patient, Mr Meadows, in crash who is suffering a hemorrhage. Max stops their fight, agrees with Simon’s diagnosis but gives them both an ear bashing. In S16 E36, Simon’s brother, Stuart, visits him at work to confide in his worries that he thinks Claire is having doubts over their wedding. Simon tries to reassure him. In S16 E37, Lara and Simon both attend the Medical Registrar position interview. Next episode, they both await the outcome of the job. Simon says he is not even bothered about getting the job. But later finds out he has got the position. After a visit from his brother Stuart, Claire also comes to see Simon. She says she doesn’t want to marry Stuart tomorrow but be with Simon. Simon tells her, he doesn’t feel the same about her, and as she walks away, he wishes that she knew how he really felt. Roxy arranges a drink to celebrate Simon getting the job. Simon then asks Roxy to be his guest at Stuart’s wedding. In S16 E39, Claire tells Stuart that he doesn’t want to marry him and that she loves Simon, Stuart pays him a visit at work and punches him. He tells him he’s fed up of living in his shadow and says he is no longer his brother. Simon now hopes that him and Claire can be together and tells her that he lied about not loving her. Claire angrily calls him a coward. Simon also treats an elderly cyclist, Bernard, who comes in with chest pains and collapses in reception. Simon discovers he has a thorasic aneurysm, but is told by Harry that he is unlikely to be allowed an operation because of his age. An angry Simon confronts surgeon Anton Meyer – who stands his ground and tells him to stop wasting the little time Bernard has left and tell him the truth. Simon tells Bernard he will die shortly – he thanks him for preparing him for the news.

In Series 17, Simon is back to his womanising ways, in S17 E2, New Locum SHO, Heather, arrives and doesn’t go unnoticed by certain male staff. She is treated to an unofficial tour of the department by Simon, who asks her for a drink after shift. She is quick to forget, when she witnesses Dillon undressing in the staffroom and is about to proposition him, when Simon walks in. Simon is annoyed when he later sees them leave together. Next episode, Heather, who is unhappy with Dillon’s interest in helping Lara at her case, ignores him and flirts with Simon. In S17 E4, Hanna comes into A&E with her sister Sonia. She has recently had a pulmonary embolism but refuses having a transfusion because she is a Jehovah’s Witness. When she collapses, Simon ignores the fact that she told him and helps Sonia cover his story, so as to save her life. When Hanna comes round she is furious. Sonia realises that although she survived, she has lost her sister already. An old date of Simon’s comes into A&E and slaps him round the face – Harry warns him not to bring his personal life into work. Josh is also less than happy when he catches Simon and Colette practising dance moves. And with Dillon spending more time with Lara, Heather becomes increasingly jealous and is not afraid to tell him. Simon continues to watch her from the sidelines and is still waiting for his moment with her. In S17 E5, Simon treats a 13 year old girl who has collapsed at the airport. Simon and Duffy discover she is pregnant, and while her parents are more interested in arguing and hanging out at the pub, Jodie’s condition worsens and she dies. Ryan has to drag the parents away from the pub so that Simon can give them the bad news. Simon also spends the night with Heather after a night out. Next episode, Dillon discovers Heather has been cheating on him with Simon. He confronts Heather, who says they weren’t exclusive and takes his anger out on Simon in the staff room. In S17 E7, Simon is nursing a bruised head after his ruck with Dillon. Harry and Charlie give both Simon and Dillon warnings. Simon tells Heather they will have to cool their relationship at work to which she tells him there is no relationship and she was only after some fun. Colette tells Simon about her marriage problems and Josh is furious when Simon confronts him about them. In S17 E10, it’s Heather’s last day, Simon and Dillon join forces to play a trick on her. In S17 E11, Harry warns Simon about his lax attitude. In S17 E12, Colette confides in Simon about Josh wanting a baby. In S17 E13, Colette and Simon attend a charity auction together, and she buys her an expensive necklace. She is all ready to go for drinks with him, when Josh arrives to collect her.

In S17 E15, Colette is angry when Josh doesn’t show to the Christmas party and ends up sleeping with Simon. Colette challenges an elusive Simon following their tryst at the staff Christmas party, to find he thinks it was a mistake and they should forget it. But she tells Comfort she thinks her marriage to Josh is over. In S17 E17, Simon is shocked when an old man, thinking he is on his death bed, confesses he killed his terminally ill wife. When he survives, Simon has to make a decision on whether to report him. Simon starts to date Jane Winters, much to Colette’s irritation. He later discovers, Jane is an escort, and in S17 E22 tries to turn a blind eye to her job because he cares for her. But by S17 E24, he realises he cannot share her and says she has a decision to make. In S17 E25, Colette breaks the news to Simon about carrying his baby but he thinks she should terminate the pregnancy. Things become clearer when Jane, is admitted to the hospital after falling down a flight of stairs and Colette overhears her talking to Simon. She discovers that Simon may have been sleeping with Jane during their relationship. The staff gossip and Jane, sick of their gawping, discharges herself. Simon chases after her and tells her he loves her in front of everyone. In S17 E27, during a lunch date, Simon is concerned about Jane ’s clumsiness and rushes her to casualty for a scan. When Jane is told she has a tumour, she is stunned and makes Simon promise to look after her if anything goes wrong. In S17 E28, Simon keeps disappearing from the department to observe Jane ’s operation. When the surgeon realises that Simon’s interest is not strictly professional, he is outraged and makes a complaint to Harry. In S17 E29, Simon continues his visits to Jane but, tragically, her operation has left her paralysed on one side. In S17 E34, an alcoholic patient finds herself caught in the middle of a dispute between Simon and Jane. She says she no longer wishes to see him. In S17 E35, Simon behaves viciously towards staff and patients alike until Harry sends him home. He finally loses control of his temper when Colette breaks the news that her child will have learning difficulties and that he could be the carrier of the condition, club foot. In S17 E37, Colette tells Simon that he is responsible for the genetic abnormalities found in their child. But their conversation ends abruptly when Josh bursts in on them and an argument breaks out. Later, Colette suffers severe pain and discovers her baby has died. Next episode, she realises she can no longer work at the department, while Simon attempts a bumbling apology. As she leaves, an irate Josh threatens to ruin Simon’s life at the first given opportunity. In S17 E39. Simon realises that no one wants him around and asks Harry for a transfer, which he refuses. Things only get worse when he is called to the scene of an emergency involving a trapped little boy. Displeased to see him, Josh argues about the amount of pain relief to administer the child. When the boy dies, Josh speaks to Harry about Simon’s competence in external trauma cases. After the bungling is let slip to the boy’s parents, who threaten legal action, Simon becomes convinced that Josh is just out for revenge. Harry is forced to suspend Simon.

In S18 E1, a train crash sparks a major incident alert at Holby ED. Simon is called in to help. But, despite being cleared of professional misconduct. He is not met with a warm welcome. In S18 E4, Simon is offered a job with a pharmaceutical company, but after talking to an insecure medical student at an emergency scene, he remembers why he wanted to be a doctor. He decides not to take the position when a procedure he has never performed before is successful and he realises he still has new challenges to face at the hospital. In S18 E6, Simon works out that the flirty messages he’s received are from Tally. Tantalised by her provocative outfit and bold advances, he lures her into Harry’s office. In S18 E7, Simon and Tally arrive for work, having obviously spent the night together. Harry is furious and makes it clear that he strongly disapproves. In S18 E8, while in Harry’s office, Tally accidentally discovers the drugs in his pocket but he interrupts her and uses the opportunity to divulge information regarding Simon’s past. She is furious when he suggests Simon is only with her to get back at him but, feeling insecure, she asks Simon about it. Simon confronts Harry and tells him to deal with it. In S18 E9, Tally susses that Harry has been self-prescribing. She conveys her worries to Simon and he spitefully logs the information as ammunition. He flaunts his relationship with Tally in Harry’s face by appearing half-naked in his dressing gown back at their house. Fuming, Harry tries to throw him out until Simon threatens to uncover his secret unless they discuss his career options. S18 E10, Harry is late for work and, driving in a rush, fails to see a cyclist travelling at speed around the corner. The cyclist crashes straight into Harry’s rental car and rebounds off the bonnet. Simon adds to Harry’s grief when he arrives with the new Rapid Response Team. Battle continues in resus as he passes veiled messages to Harry about weakness of character. Lara is nobody’s fool and, realising that something is going on, talks to Harry about his decision to switch her shift with Simon. She refers to the tense atmosphere and Harry falls apart, admitting everything and confessing he needs help.

In S18 E11, Lara encourages Harry to admit to his doctor that he cannot cope without the drug therapy. She suggests he destroy the doctored records and then she threatens Simon. He infuriates her by insinuating that she fancies Harry and she slaps him; later, Tally pours a bed pan all over Simon when she finds out what he has been doing. She backtracks but Simon declares that they are finished. In S18 E12, Tally is less fortunate in the love department. Though she has tirelessly tried to win Simon back, he cruelly announces that they are over. In S18 E21, Harry puts Simon and Lara at risk while at an outdoor pursuit centre for management training. Rattled by Lara’s late-night shenanigans with the instructor, Harry stubbornly ignores the marked route and heads off down a darkened tunnel during a cave orienteering exercise. After losing his footing, he slips down the shaft and hurts his leg. In attempt to rescue him, they all end up trapped in freezing, wet conditions and the instructor is badly injured. Anger turns to panic when the hole begins to fill with water. Cramped and cold, they reveal intimacies until Lara decides to venture back into the tunnel. When the only thing left to do is swim underwater to an opening, Simon volunteers to go first and secure the route. He courageously helps Harry, but in a moment of confusion knocks his head against a rock and does not resurface. In S18 E22, Simon, who was hoping to escape by swimming underwater to an opening, has not reappeared. Lara leaps into the water, while Harry callously writes him off as a lost cause. After dragging Simon to the surface, she brings him round but he has no sensation in his legs. Lara has to keep both men conscious and releases a tirade of abuse to do so. When the cave rescue team reaches them, they are delirious. Lara blames Harry for the disaster, and Simon’s spinal injury means he may never walk again. In S18 E23, Lara is appalled by Harry’s suggestion of a temporary replacement for Simon. She is by Simon’s side when he feels the first hint of sensation returning in his legs. In S18 E24, Simon has been discharged and is recuperating with plenty of unwelcome visits from Tally. He sends a fun valentine to Lara but she thinks it is from Harry. She goes round to his flat and their conversation leads to a moment when they might kiss. It does not happen and the intimate moment becomes awkward.

In S18 E25, Harry is dismissive of the amount of praise Simon is getting when he returns to the department in a wheelchair. Simon is frustrated that he cannot have a proper conversation with Lara but, when they are finally alone, they kiss. She is confused about her feelings and pulls away, claiming she just wants to be his friend. In S18 E26, Tally is still taking a great interest in Simon’s wellbeing now that he is back on his feet again, but her attentions are not well received. Harry, meanwhile, is not happy when Simon and Lara join forces to question his authority. Tally’s face is a picture of misery when Simon and Lara leave work together. Things progress back at his place but, to Lara’s frustration, Simon backs off; he wants to take things slowly. He tells her that he wants more than a one-night stand – he wants her to fall in love with him. In S18 E27, Lara wakes up after spending the night at Simon’s. Tally is jealous when she spots Lara wearing one of his shirts at work, and after shift she is devastated when she sees them kissing. In S18 E28, Simon and Lara are oblivious to the fact that Tally knows about their secret love. But when Tally sets a trap to meet Simon and it goes badly wrong, she is enraged and defaces Lara’s photo on the notice-board. In S18 E29, Lara and Simon are finding it increasingly hard to hide their feelings. Lara is concerned when she sees her photo has been defaced and her car badly keyed. Back at Simon’s flat, Tally disturbs a passionate moment between them by hurling a brick through the window. When they confront her, she unleashes a tirade of abuse and leaves in tears, devastated by Lara’s betrayal. In S18 E30, Tally warns Lara her time is up; if she does not have the decency to tell her dad about her and Simon, then she will. Lara admits the affair to Harry, who tries to hide his jealousy and, when she pushes him further, he announces the affair to the entire staff. Tally takes the opportunity to stir things up and lies to her dad, saying that Simon said he loved her. She turns on the tears and claims that Simon has messed her around and she does not know where she stands. Harry is furious with Simon and has it out with him. In S18 E31, Lara and Simon’s relationship is getting stronger, much to Tally’s annoyance. She deliberately keeps patient information from Lara but soon realises the seriousness of her actions. Lara correctly assumes that Tally’s mistake was deliberate but, when confronted, Tally shows no remorse, saying Lara deserves it for taking Simon away from her. Simon is furious and tells a devastated Tally that he loves Lara.

In S18 E32, Lara makes it clear to Harry that Tally is a liability to patients and that he has to get rid of her. Harry confronts Tally over Lara’s accusations and is stunned when she admits to them. He tells her he has no alternative but to suspend her. Tally accuses Harry of being heartless, doing this on her dead mother’s birthday, but her day gets even worse when Simon lets her know he is glad to see the back of her – she was the biggest mistake of his life. Harry is brought to the toilets to find Tally unconscious on the floor after taking an overdose. As Lara and Simon head to the Registrar’s Dinner, Lara delves into Simon’s pocket for the cab fare and finds a packet of white powder. Simon admits it is speed, which he has been taking to help him cope. In S18 E33, Lara is annoyed when Simon turns up to work still high and adamant he does not care about Tally’s situation. However, he later tries to apologise. In S18 E35, Simon takes speed when he has a tough day at work. After run-ins with both Lara and Jim, he goes AWOL. Lara and Abs find him passed out at home after taking sleeping tablets. A discarded packet of speed is lying by his side. Lara begs Abs to keep quiet. In S18 E36, following Abs’s advice, Simon tells Lara everything about his drug addiction, which started at university and resurfaced again after the cave incident. Suffering from nightmares, he took sleeping tablets at night and speed during the day to keep himself awake. Lara is hurt and admits that she cannot trust him, but Simon pleads for her help. In S18 E37, Simon is finding it hard to give up the drugs and is tired and irritable at work. He makes an error with a patient and owns up, asking the patient not to report him. Lara is finding it difficult to help Simon and confides in Abs that she does not know if she can go through it alone. Abs recommends that Simon get professional help but Lara knows he will never agree to this. In S18 E38, Harry questions Abs about a patient on whom Simon had previously made a mistake. Abs confirms it was Simon’s error but Lara lies, saying it was hers. Abs is annoyed but Lara reminds him that Simon has covered for him and suggests he owes it to Simon to keep quiet. In S18 E39, Simon continues to be irritable and disorientated at work. When Abs points out that this is starting to affect Lara, Simon decides to come clean with Harry about his drug problem, though Lara tries to dissuade him.

In S18 E40, Simon tells Harry that he has been taking drugs since the cave accident and that Lara has had to cover for him. Harry is furious and agrees that Simon should resign, so Simon tells Lara that he is going back home to Sheffield to clear his head. She begs him to stay, promising to help him overcome his problems, but his mind is made up. Lara rushes from the wedding to catch Simon at the train station, and proposes to him. In S18 E41, Simon seeks professional help for his drug problem and Lara tries to persuade Harry to discard Simon’s resignation letter, but Harry is adamant that he is a liability. Lara tells him that if he does not give Simon another chance, she will report him for his self-prescribing. In S18 E42, Simon comes in for his meeting with Harry. To Simon’s surprise, Harry tells him he can have his job back if he guarantees to continue with his drug counselling. In S18 E43, Simon and Lara announce their wedding date. Simon asks Abs to be the best man and he starts to make stag night arrangements, while Claire and Bex decide to plan a hen night for Lara. Simon is finding it hard to concentrate and Harry has to take on two of his patients. Simon is angry and frustrated at the way Harry is overseeing him and he turns to drugs. He later confesses to Lara and tells her to leave him. She refuses, saying she will support him. In S18 E44, Simon is still finding it hard to cope with Harry watching his every move, and Lara breaks down infront of Simon, telling him she does not know if she can trust him. A worried Abs goes to talk to Simon about Lara and catches him with a pack of pills. Simon insists he was going to throw them away but Abs tells him he is selfish and letting Lara down. In S18 E45, Simon is not impressed when Lara and the rest of the hen party turn up at the stag night venue. Although Lara pretends it was a coincidence, Simon soon realises that she came to check up on him. A frustrated Simon goes into the toilets to take drugs but is caught by Abs. Simon leaves and turns up at the house of a woman he met at the hospital earlier that day. In S18 E46, it is the day of the wedding and Abs arrives at Simon’s house, only to catch him with the woman he met last week. Abs is outraged but a defensive Simon throws him out. Stuck for a best man, Simon asks Jim to stand in – and Jim reveals that he will be flying Simon to the wedding. Abs rushes to the wedding to tell Lara about the other woman and, while Jim is flying Simon to the venue, a distraught Lara phones Simon to call everything off. In frustration, Simon takes out a packet of pills which he drops under Jim’s seat. As he struggles to get them, Jim loses control of the plane and they crash. Jim manages to escape but Simon is caught in the explosion. The colleagues battle to save him but it looks like a losing battle. Meanwhile, Lara flees the wedding venue with Harry and, oblivious to the crash, instructs him to take her to the airport. She calls ahead and buys a one-way ticket to Australia.

Memorable Moments

  • S16 E30 – Simon is shocked to see his ex-girlfriend in the department, and is set to marry his brother.
  • S16 E39 – Simon’s brother hits him after Claire tells him he doesn’t want to marry her.
  • S17 E15 – Simon and Colette sleep together at the Christmas party.
  • S18 E9 – Simon blackmails Harry.
  • S18 E21/ S18 E22 – Simon is injured after a cave accident.
  • S18 E29 – Tally throws a brick through Simon’s window.
  • S18 E46 – Simon is killed in a plane crash.

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