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Cas Character

Daniel Perryman

Played by Craig Kelly


S10 E1 – S10 E24

Job Title

Senior House Officer

First Words

(to Jude – outside A&E) Hi ya, um I’m looking for A&E (it’s right infront of him) Ah right!

Last Words

(outside A&E) Woman : Excuse me, do you know where casualty is?

Daniel : Yeah, it’s right behind me! (smiling)


New and nervous SHO, Daniel Perryman, arrives for his first shift in S10 E1, under the watchful eye of Baz and Mike – having done two previous stints as SHO in other departments, Daniel’s nerves sometimes come across as rudeness, it seems Daniel became a doctor more for glamour and status rather than a desire to cure the sick – and is now in for a rude awakening, as when he starts his job, he is shattered at the realisation of responsibility he carries for life and death of other people. Daniel continues to make mistakes and in S10 E2, is even accused of stealing a diamond ring by a woman, though later it turns out she faked the theft to claim insurance. In S10 E5, there is a gas explosion at a halfway house for the mentally ill. An injured resident dies in hospital, and Daniel inadvertently brings together the mother of the victim and another resident who caused the explosion. After a scuffle, the guilty resident runs off and throws himself under a train. He dies in casualty and Daniel is mortified. Daniel is also in trouble this episode after discharging a man who’s had a fishbone removed from this throat – Mike abruptly tells him, he must get him back and refer him to the ENT clinic. He gets more bad news in S10 E11, when Mike tells him the hospital are to be sued by the son of a Bengali woman who was wrongly diagnosed by Daniel. In S10 E14, having had an operation, a salesman collapses in pain. In casualty, Mike discovers he was not prescribed anti-coagulates after the operation which may have prevented his blood clots – this does not augur well for Daniel. In S10 E15, it’s the fund raising ball, Daniel gets friendly with Jude, as he can discuss his problems with her. He innocently dances with her – which a jealous Matt is not happy about. An old lady falls downstairs in S10 E16 and dies, Daniel finds it hard telling her husband she has died – as he has severe memory loss and forgets everything Daniel tells him. In S10 E22, Daniel misdiagnoses yet another patient, it is all too much for him and he breaks down. Next episode, he returns after his breakdown and confesses that his heart isn’t in the job anymore. In his last shift, S10 E24, during a lull in the shift, the staff give Dan a leaving present – he has found the job too stressful – but there is a call alerting them to a major RTA. Daniel’s last patient is a young girl, Rosie, he saves her life after she was choking on a pen lid. Daniel leaves the department, with a great burden lifted and a smile on his face, ready to move on.

Memorable Moments

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