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Daphne Alexander Interview

CASUALTY waves goodbye to actress Daphne Alexander at the end of this year. She has played nurse Nadia since last February. Kindly she talks to about her time on the show and her upcoming departure…


CASUALTY waves goodbye to actress Daphne Alexander at the end of this year. She has played nurse Nadia since last February. Kindly she talks to about her time on the show and her upcoming departure…

Your character has only been on the show a short time, do you feel your character was used to full potential? What would you like to have seen happen to Nadia?

?adia has been onscreen for a whole year, I know, it feels like a lot less! So I don’t think it’s necessarily a short time, many characters have only stayed a year in the past. However I do think there were many more things that could have happened to Nadia. She had a lot of potential, she was a very flawed character but with a good heart, and she had had a difficult upbringing despite her wealth. I would have loved an appearance by her millionaire father, and also perhaps a reconciliation (or a confrontation) with Stitch. I think that story was very much left undeveloped.

What can you tell us about Nadia’s exit?

I don’t want to spoil it! It is a good exit, I liked it. Nadia was shown at her most vulnerable, and I think the viewers will get a glimpse of the person she will one day become. More mature and more responsible, for example.

What have been your most memorable moments/ episode to work on during your time on CASUALTY?

My most memorable episode was by far the one with the burn victim whose daughter ran away in the woods. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience for me – cold to be running around in a forest with nothing but a summer dress on in March, but still… I learnt a lot and loved working on such a challenging storyline.

What will you miss most about working on the show?

The people. Undoubtedly. Everybody working on CASUALTY is so genuine, and kind, and ready to help; I made such great friends there.

Who do you hope to keep in contact with from the cast now that you’ve left?

I’m already in touch with most of them!

What was your last day on Set like? Did you get any nice leaving presents?

I was greeted with the most enormous bouquet of flowers I had ever seen, and the producer of the episode (Chris Lovett) made a lovely speech and it was most moving! I also got a fabulous handbag that Nadia would have loved!

Now that you’ve finished filming, what roles do you hope to do in future?

CASUALTY was my first major role straight out of LAMDA, so ideally I would like to try my hand at other genres; film and, especially, theatre! I would really fancy taking part in a period drama of some sort, and classical theatre, like a Shakespeare or a bloodthirsty Jacobean play!

Your character Nadia was very conscious of her looks/ clothes, how would you describe your own fashion style?

I do like to dress nicely and make an effort generally – except ofcourse when I am picked up to go to work at 6am – no fashion style there whatsoever!

Who or what inspired you to become an actress?

Acting is like an addiction you can’t kick. I got into it by accident – I was cast as Emilia in an English touring production of Othello in Cyprus and have not looked back since!

How will you be spending Christmas and New Year?

In Cyprus, with my family, husband and friends.

Finally, do you have a message for fans of who have supported you through your time on CASUALTY?

A big thank you for having faith in Nadia despite all her shortcomings, and for always being so warm and positive towards her from the word go – I know how hard it is for CASUALTY fans to get used to new members of the regular cast, especially when they’re really not very nice! And merry Christmas to everyone at

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