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Cas Character

David Rowe

Played by Paul Lacoux


S3E1 – S3E10

Job Title

Senior House Officer

First Words

Charlie, Charlie, old boy in number 5 when you’re ready


New SHO David Rowe joins A&E from S3 E1. David was public school-educated with good intentions, good brains and an almost criminal ignorance of how people lived. When he first joined, he was naive and daunted – his first patients included a young female mechanic who faces paralyses when a car falls on top of her. David finds it difficult that he is unable to help her – Charlie tells him it’s part of the job and he mustn’t forget what he sees. David also gets annoyed when he doesn’t spot a hopper who comes in after supposedly collapsing. In S3 E2, David believes a pickpocketer, Archie, who is on remand to be faking his chest pains and discharges him. Cyril disagrees with his diagnosis and when later Archie is brought in, after suffering another stroke, he dies and David blames himself. In S3 E3, David spots a rare disorder in a patient – a cardiac tampinard. He calls down the Medical Registrar, who successfully operates on him in CRASH and the pair celebrate afterwards. In S3 E4, an old lady is brought in after collapsing at the airport. Charlie and David are shocked to discover she has 30 condoms full of drugs in her stomach, but argue over calling the police, because of confidentiality – Charlie notifies them anyway, but later finds out that David came to the same conclusion. In S3 E5, David reluctantly gives clean needles to a junkie who comes in requesting them and tries to advise him. In S3 E6, Cyril finds two of David’s hockey sticks in the staffroom. He and Charlie play with them in the corridor, with an ashtray as a puck. David is at first furious, but then challenges Cyril to a game. David also has trouble getting a patient’s dislocated shoulder back into place this episode. In S3 E8, David saves the life of a young girl with breathing difficulties – her mother is extremely grateful. A teenager boy is also brought in after a hit and run. Scans show that his brain is dead, but is father won’t agree to organ donation and David turns off his life support – later in the shift, however, he tells David he’s changed his mind, but it’s too late. In S3 E9, David diagnoses a girl with meningitis. A hairdresser, Thea, suffering from chronic PMT is brought in after accidentally cutting her wrist with a bread knife. Megan is annoyed when David does nothing more than refer her to her GP – she then comes in later after overdosing on pills. In S3 E10, a leukemia victim is brought in after taking an overdose in his final weeks of life. His wife is distraught, and David wants to keep her in, fearing she is suicidal, but she goes home. An arthritic man is brought in with hemotemosis – side effects from a drug prescribed by his GP. He dies, and David discovers the GP is their own new Locum Medical Registrar. An old lady comes in after scalding her hand. David shocks her when he reveals the night water she has been drinking contains alcohol, when she believed she had been sober for many years. And a retired couple, both former doctors arrive. David diagnoses the woman with rectal carcinoma, which she has hidden from her husband, because of her fears that it is cancer. When David sees her in the morning, he discusses his future of hoping to work in paediatrics.

Memorable Moments

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