Dean West

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Played by Paul Henshall


S7 E29 ‘Damage Limitation’ – S9 E24 ‘Bedlam’

Job Title

Student Doctor

Date of Birth


First Words

(to Matt) Charming! I’ve only just arrived and you’re insulting me already.


4th Year medical student, Dean West, is described in one word as ‘Zagger’. Dean, who has cerebral palsy is out to prove to all he is the master of his disability. He is determined, loyal and forward-thinking and never feels sorry for himself – he jokes at his own expense and makes us laugh and breaks our hearts, however at times he can be too competitive and wants to run before he can walk.

Dean’s first shift is in S7 E29. He arrives late and [ID 1535]Matt[/ID] gives him a hard time, resulting in a strained atmosphere between the pair throughout the day. Dean and Matt assist Owen with an operation. Dean has a spasm in his hand and cannot give an injection fast enough so Owen tells Matt to do it. When Dean protests that the spasm would have been over within a matter of seconds, Owen loses his temper and shouts at him. Later, Owen warns Dean that he will not make allowances for his cerebral palsy. In S7 E30, Matt and Dean work under Mubbs’s supervision. The two students disagree about the correct treatment for a patient and Mubbs lets Dean have his way. However, Dean’s diagnosis was wrong and Mubbs says he needs to learn from the experience so he will never make the same mistake again. Later, the pair redeem themselves and Mubbs takes them to the bar to celebrate their first successful treatment. In S7 E31, Mubbs is grumpy – he has a hangover and is not in the mood to look after the two students. Matt notices that Mubbs missed something while diagnosing a patient, and distracts Dean so that he can tell him his concerns. Dean tells Mubbs what Matt has noticed and he reluctantly agrees that they are right.

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