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HC Character

Harry Tressler


Played by Jules Knight


S15 E31 ‘The More Deceived’ –

Job Title


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Charmer Harry comes from a privileged background. He is a clever and capable doctor with a good bedside manner but can be manipulative to get what he wants.  He can be arrogant and has an eye for the ladies which sometimes lands him in trouble.

We are first introduced to him in S15 E31 and already Gemma tried to warden off his his persuasive charm. But in S15 E34, she is forced to seek his help when she has family problems with her young son. In S15 E38, Harry is put in charge of AAU for the day, he and Gemma clash but a difficult case makes her see a different side to Harry. In S15 E39, Harry and a grieving Oliver are rivals in a CT2 position on Darwin. Harry hears how Gemma has been stitched up by Oliver. When an angry patient’s relative forces him to look at his own approach to life, Harry offers to renounce his claim on Darwin in return for Oliver clearing Gemma’s name. In S15 E41, Harry discovers it’s Mary-Claire‘s birthday and realises she thinks he’s got surprise plans for her, which he tries to wriggle out of. In S15 E42, Mary-Claire is keen to move her relationship with Harry to the next level – but Harry doesn’t quite feel same. In S15 E47, a patient, Dean, is brought into Holby with an unexploded rocket flare embedded in his chest. It’s no surprise that maverick Harry wants in on the case, especially as Ric thinks he’s not focusing enough on his medical work. As the Bomb Disposal Unit assess how they can remove the device from Dean without detonating it, Dean arrests and, wanting to prove himself to Ric, Harry pushes his way in to resuscitate him, coming into direct contact with the device – and he can’t move his hand for fear of setting it off!

In S16 E2, when an old school friend of Harry’s turns up in AAU, his privileged past threatens his relationship with Gemma. Arrogant banker Gaz is admitted after an all-night drinking bender and Harry’s forced to reveal he knows the patient. He also knows Gaz has been drinking heavily since the age of 14… because he was drinking with him. As the team run tests on Gaz’s liver, Gemma’s not impressed when she finds out about Harry’s past. Keen to get back into Gemma’s good books, Harry offers to let her assist Ric in surgery. However, Gemma’s son Finn needs looking after and, not wanting her to miss out on doing the surgery, Harry arranges for Finn to be brought to Holby, saying he’ll look after him. When Finn starts feeling unwell and it looks like he may have taken an ecstasy tablet from Gaz’s bag, Gemma blames Harry. But as it transpires Finn’s actually suffering from the highly contagious Norovirus. In S16 E11, Harry helps honour a dying man’s wish to give his kids the perfect Christmas. In S16 E12, Mary-Claire still smarting over Harry’s failure to back her up over Edward‘s drinking on the ward, he vows to prove he’s selfless. As they work together to treat an injured rough sleeper – and his dog! –  the pair attempt to make amends. In S16 E16, Raf secures a registrar position on AAU and already clashes with Harry, by giving him a dressing down over his CPR technique. In S16 E17, Serena‘s furious when she’s sent to cover AAU, but soon strikes up a bond with a patient, who is none other than Harry’s dad! When Billy Tressler presents her with a business opportunity, Serena thinks she’s finally found a way to prove her worth to Guy. But with her eye firmly on the prize, Harry heed’s her a warning that his father is not all he seems. In S16 E18, when Harry witnesses dynamic Raf having a photocall for a medical journal, he’s determined to find a specialism. Raf rejects his attempts at joining his resus team, so Harry looks elsewhere. When an overweight patient, Annie, arrives and reveals she’s booked in for weight loss surgery, Harry seizes his opportunity to shine, but at the expense of someone that needs his help more. Next episode, S16 E19, Harry’s frustrated when adoring bariatric patient Annie returns. Harry does his best – however shoddily – to shake Annie off – but this doesn’t prove as easy as he’d hope. In S16 E20, Harry seems unfazed by his reckless actions from last episode and instead is more interested in booking a last-minute holiday to Cuba. Raf, however, has other ideas for him. In S16 E24, Harry’s delighted when attractive new consultant pharmacist, Amy Teo, appears on AAU. Although they’re at loggerheads over how best to treat a patient, Harry wastes no time in trying to charm Amy, which doesn’t go unnoticed with Raf. But when Harry suggests getting to know her better, Amy drops the bombshell that she’s married – and Harry finally realises she’s married to Raf! In S16 E26, Harry arrives at work full of swagger, having been invited to an exclusive black-tie dinner. But his mood is dampened when he discovers that not only is Raf the event’s keynote speaker but that his wife, Amy, is now working permanently on the ward. Harry tries to remain professional around Amy, after his attempts to make a pass at her, but is intrigued when he notices tension between Raf and his wife and suspects they’re not the happy couple they seem. Then, when Raf muscles in on Harry’s patient, an ex-glamour model with suspected appendicitis, a furious Harry decides to worm his way into Amy’s affections as a means of getting back at Raf. When an argument between Raf and Amy results in her fleeing the ward in tears, Harry sees an opportunity to comfort her. As he does so, Amy confides in him that she’s on her third round of IVF, which is putting a real strain on her marriage. Later, when Raf’s called onto an emergency case and is unable to take a dressed-up Amy to the dinner, a suited and booted Harry confidently tells Raf he’ll escort her. In S16 E29, things are frosty between Amy and Raf when she’s keen to push ahead with another round of IVF, while Raf sees no reason to rush things. When Harry responds to Amy’s obvious distress by using his family connections to pull some strings at the IVF clinic, getting her and Raf shifted to the front of the queue, she’s ecstatic. But Raf is furious she’s discussed their private life with the colleague he loathes and, when pushed by Amy, he admits he doesn’t feel ready for children. Amy’s distraught at the realisation she may never have kids and, with Raf going off to a conference for the weekend, she drowns her sorrows at Albie’s bar, where Harry finds her. Drunk and at her lowest ebb, Amy reaches out to Harry – and they end up kissing. In S16 E33, Amy’s desperately trying to avoid Harry, following their night together, as she arrives at work with husband Raf. And it seems she’s feeling particularly sensitive as she’s very weepy and Mr Thompson’s kipper breakfast is making her feel queasy. Suspecting she might be pregnant, Amy does a pregnancy test – and it’s positive! Amy’s overjoyed that she’s finally going to be a mum but the father of the baby could be either Raf’s – or Harry’s. Hopeful it’s her husband’s child, Amy breaks the news to Raf and he’s delighted. Wanting to leave Holby to protect her marriage, Amy encourages Raf to apply for a job abroad – but he’s adamant that, with a baby on the way, they should stay put. However, when Harry makes it clear that he’ll keep their affair a secret if she can help him work more closely with her husband, Amy realises he’s going to be in her life for a very long time. In S16 E34, Harry asks Amy if she’ll be his assessor for his upcoming specialist doctor’s exam, Amy accuses him of playing games but Harry suggests they both want the same thing: him out of AAU. Later, as Harry continues to feel undermined by Raf he warns Amy that, if Raf doesn’t change his ways, he will bite back. Fearing Harry will spill the beans about their affair, Amy decides to help him up the career ladder. In S16 E35, having agreed to assess Harry in his doctor’s exams to get him off AAU following their one-night stand, Amy reckons pro-footballer Andre would be a good case for Harry’s e-portfolio. When Amy’s pregnancy sickness strikes and she leaves without informing Harry of a change in Andre’s meds, Harry ends up giving Andre the wrong drug. Knowing an enquiry will prevent him from moving on, Amy takes the blame for Harry’s mistake to protect her marriage to Raf. In S16 E37, Amy faces Serena after taking the blame for Harry. Raf, gets suspicious when he realises her story contradicts Harry’s and, knowing his wife never makes mistakes, he confronts Harry while they operate on a patient. When Harry admits Amy did cover for his mistake Raf goes straight to his wife and demands the truth. But he gets more than he bargained for when Amy tells him the real truth – that she slept with Harry. In S16 E38, Raf’s devastated after the shock confession from Amy and that Harry could be the father of her unborn child – a baby they’d been trying so desperately to conceive. Knowing he needs to take control, Raf orders Amy to take a paternity test. He insists he’s not prepared to bring up another man’s child – especially Harry’s – then delivers an ultimatum: it’s me or the baby. Harry, meanwhile, is concerned with passing his end of year assessment but when he believes Raf’s deliberately trying to see him fail, Harry loses it and tries to pick a fight with him. But as Raf retaliates and Amy gets caught in the scuffle and tries to shield her stomach, Harry realises she’s pregnant – and it dawns on him that he could be the baby’s father. Later, Amy waits in obstetrician Mr Thompson’s office to carry out the paternity test – but doesn’t go through with it. Although she tells Harry that it’s not his. In S16 E41, Raf resolves not to let what happened between Amy and Harry destroy his marriage. However, when he’s asked to help advance Harry’s career, he struggles to be honest. In S16 E46, when Harry’s dad, Billy arrives on AAU to observe son Harry at work, Raf struggles not to let the Tressler family get under his skin. But when Raf, Harry, Amy and Billy find themselves thrown together at the charity gala, Raf struggles to  keep his feelings hidden. In S16 E49, Raf resolves to give Harry a chance to prove himself. But when he sees an opportunity to undermine the ambitious registrar, Raf makes a dramatic intervention with disastrous consequences for Harry. In S16 E51, it’s the day of Harry’s hearing, after a vengeful Raf got him suspended by hiding a patient’s notes, which led to the patient bleeding out and almost dying in theatre. Serena wants to postpone the hearing because of a busy schedule – but Raf thinks they should press ahead, desperate to get the man who slept with his wife out of his life for good. At the hearing, an angry Harry accuses Raf of being a liar and the meeting is adjourned. Later on AAU, Raf is clearly struggling with the guilt that he was the one who put the patient’s life in jeopardy and decides to come clean to Guy and Serena about his part in the incident. In S16 E52, Mary-Claire returns to Holby and she soon realises that all is not well on AAU. A lot has happened between Raf and Harry since she’s been in Ireland, but she doesn’t know the full picture. Harry is certainly glad to have his old ally back – though he doesn’t tell her about his problems. Mary-Claire can see something’s upsetting Harry, but she puts it down to him almost losing his job. Then, when Harry says he has Amy to thank for saving his career, Mary-Claire starts thinking Harry might have slept with Amy and could be her baby’s father. Mary-Claire persuades Harry to talk to Amy, especially when she finds out Amy has left Raf. Mary-Claire also guesses Amy’s lying about the baby being Raf’s. When Harry confronts Amy, she admits she didn’t do an in vitro paternity test after all.

In S17 E9, now 32 weeks’ pregnant, Amy knows she has to plan for the baby’s arrival, so she asks estranged husband Raf to be her birthing partner. But she gets a shock when he responds by asking for a divorce. But she doesn’t have time to dwell on things as, not long afterwards, Amy throws up – and it’s Harry of all people who takes her to see obstetrician Mr Thompson. Amy’s worried when he diagnoses high blood pressure – and stunned when he then confirms she’s in labour. With Amy’s blood pressure rising and the baby becoming distressed, Mr T says she needs a Caesarean. Although Raf and Harry don’t know which of them is the baby’s father, when they hear Amy’s in labour, they both make sure they’re by her side as a healthy baby boy arrives. As an overwhelmed Harry leaves, Amy develops complications but urges Raf to go and watch over the baby. In S17 E10, Serena learns that Raf and Harry still don’t know which of them fathered Amy’s baby, Callum and she decides to lend a hand in getting the ball rolling. Amy confides in Serena that she wants to go ahead with the paternity test and Serena fast-tracks the results; the baby is Harry’s. As Harry comes to terms with becoming a father and tells her he will support them and be a part of his son’s life, Amy drops the bombshell that she is leaving Holby and moving back to Singapore. In S17 E12, Harry, Mary-Claire and the AAU team work hard to heal Sheila, a sweet, elderly woman with bad skin disease – but Harry realises the emotional scarring from her evil husband is more wounding than the damage to her face. With Harry’s support, Sheila finally rids herself of the misery. Later, despite Mary-Claire’s fears that her colleagues on AAU won’t be joining her for the New Year’s party in Albie’s, the whole team turns up and Mary-Claire and Harry decide they may have someone to kiss at midnight after all.

Memorable Moments
  • S15 E31 – Harry makes his debut in Holby
  • S15 E39 – Harry helps to clear Gemma’s name
  • S15 E47 – Maverick Harry becomes involved in a case involving the Bomb Disposal Unit
  • S16 E2 – An old school friend of Harry is a patient on the ward
  • S16 E18 – Harry’s urge to find a specialism comes at the expense of a patient
  • S16 E29 – Harry makes a move on Amy
  • S16 E49 – Raf takes revenge on Harry
  • S16 E51 – Harry is cleared when Raf comes clean to Guy and Serena
  • S16 E52 – Amy tells Harry the baby could be his
  • S17 E9 – Amy gives birth
  • S17 E10 – After learning the baby is Harry’s, Amy leaves Holby
  • S17 E12 – Harry and Mary-Claire spend New Year together



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