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Georgina Bouzova Interview

Newcomer Georgina Bouzova Interview.

Not all characters are sweetness and light.. when Ellen Zitek arrives in Holby next week, she is set to cause trouble with her manipulative behaviour and her step-sister Nina, for one, had better watch out!

Pretty Ellen was born and brought up in the Ukraine. Her mother died when she was young and she was brought up by her father. Ellen is a daddy’s girl who is used to getting what she wants, however when her dad met Nina’s mum, Ellen resented having to share her father’s attention

Actress Georgina Bouzova explains Ellen’s reasons for coming to Holby, ‘She’s arrived in England after something happens in her home country of the Ukraine, where she has lived all her life with her father and step mother – who is Nina’s mother,’ she reveals. ‘She comes to England for a certain reason – so has to escape!’

However her ill-timed arrival is set to cause a storm for Nina who is just about to have a moment with Abs. ‘She turns up unexpected whilst Nina and Abs are just about to get it together.’

Although the step-sisters aren’t close, Nina is the only one she can think of who can help her escape from the Ukraine. ‘She’s staying with Nina because she’s family and when you’re in trouble, you do go to family first even though they’re not the best of friends.’

Ellen is determined to stay in the country, but with her VISA soon to run out, she has to look for other means to keep her stay permanent. ‘Nina’s the only contact she has from the UK. But Abs is her best way to stay in the country,’ says Georgina.

‘I think when she first arrives, she thinks Abs is quite dishy but obviously she has a master plan to stay in the country – and needs a way to stay in the country.’

‘She says she’s allegedly being abused by her father and turns up the heat that she doesn’t want to go back. But time is running out for her,’ she explains further.

Georgina is thrilled to be playing such a challenging role, ‘She’s quite a charming character. She’s a bit of a flirt, she likes to flirt with women as well – she’s that kind of person who wants to win everyone over,’ she says. ‘At the beginning she does get Claire on her side, she makes everyone believe that she’s very friendly and a good laugh.’

Ellen’s father had high hopes for his daughter and she was eager to please him. She was a bright girl who sailed through school and went on to study medicine at university. However Ellen soon realized being a doctor was too much like hard work for her. ‘She trained to become a nurse in the Ukraine. She’s quite an intelligent woman as she originally wanted to become a doctor,’ says Georgina. ‘She started training to become a doctor, but only because she wanted to find a rich man to marry, and then she realized it was a bit too much hard work and ends up training to be a nurse instead, which is less work academically.’

But Georgina does have sympathy for her character, explaining Ellen’s actions aren’t those of pure evil but because of her past history, ‘She does find a certain infinity with the child patients, and this I think has a lot to do with the fact she?s from this broken family and that’s the reason she is such a cow because she has got these issues.’

‘Her mother died when she was very young, then she had the whole issue of Nina coming in and taking her father’s attention away from her and that has affected her quite profoundly.’

Georgina also thinks Ellen’s lifestyle in Eastern Europe has also affected her, ‘My own father is Czech and me and my sister used to go there every Summer before the fall of the Communist regime and people had nothing,’ says Georgina. ‘So the change now that has come about is amazing; the rise in people’s salaries, tourists and so much more things. So at Ellen’s age – in her young life she can’t have had much and then to come to the West and see her sister Nina doing well, and the wealth and opportunity it brings can affect her personality also.’

In comparison to Ellen, Georgina is also highly talented – she is infact a qualified barrister, having gained an LLB in English and French law, but she decided to give it up for her dreams of becoming an actress.

‘I did a law degree because I came from quite an academic background but I was also quite creative,’ says Georgina. ‘The school that I went to didn’t encourage that creative side. So whilst doing my law degree, I also did plays and then decided that was what I really loved.’

‘I’m also quite an emotional person and I realized after a certain point that I wouldn’t be able to stand up in court and defend someone that I believed wasn’t innocent. I would become too emotionally involved,’ explains Georgina.

Adding finally, ‘Not a lot of my colleagues know that I was a barrister, so they haven’t come asking for legal advice.. as yet!’





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